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If you’re looking for a culinary food journey this Christmas, look no further than supermarket Aldi’s party food range. Whether you’re expecting meat lovers, veggies or vegans, Aldi has something for every taste, with bite after bite of flavour packed goodness.

From vibrant vegan canapes to miniature versions of British classics, your guests will keep going back for more. Aldi’s party food is as easy to prepare as it is to eat – simply pop each product in the oven, with each option taking under 30 minutes to cook.

NEW for 2019 as part of Aldi’s vegan range, the Specially Selected Dim Sum (£2.99) platter includes Charsui Mushroom and Jackfruit Bao Buns, Massaman Curry Vegetable Shuimai and Five Spiced Jackfruit Dumplings. Available from 12th December.
Vegan Mini Bites (£1.79): New for 2019, this vegan party food is not to be missed. Each pack contains 10 handmade vegan party platter favourites. Choose from Sweet Chilli Cauliflower & Pumpkin Bites or Jackfruit Spring Rolls for a vegan twist on duck spring rolls. Available from 28th October.
Vegan Cocktail Sausage Rolls (£0.99): A fun and tasty twist on the classic pork cocktail sausage roll and what’s more they’re new for 2019 and Vegan Society Approved. With 20 in a pack, there’ll be plenty to go around! Available from 28th October.
Specially Selected Vegetable Tempura Nests (£2.99): Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, this party addition will be a firm favourite for all. Enjoy a mix of tempura-fried vegetables with a delectable sweet chilli sauce. Available from 12th December.
Specially Selected Mexican Party Selection (£2.99): New for Christmas 2019, this delicious vegan Mexican inspired party selection includes ten bite sized pieces of party food. Each pack contains four Tortillas filled with mouth-watering BBQ Jackfruit, three Vegetable Tacos and three Crispy Chipotle Tofu Tortilla Cones. These handmade bite sized pieces are perfect for entertaining both vegans and meat eaters alike. Available from 12th December.

For the perfect bite-sized version of a British classic, choose Aldi’s Specially Selected Mini Beef Wellingtons (£2.99). Made with melt in the mouth British beef fillet and buttery puff pastry in a rich mushroom and thyme duxelle, how could your guests resist? Add Aldi’s Mini Pies (£2.99) in Chicken & Ham or Steak & Ale for another traditional treat. Available from 12th December.
Made from quality British beef and pork, your guests will enjoy every cheesy bite of Aldi’s Specially Selected Mini Sliders (£3.49). Choose from 10 Mexican Sliders made with British pork, jalapeño melt and a spicy red
pepper and tomato relish or 10 Cheeseburgers made with British beef, Cheddar melt and smokehouse ketchup.  Available from 12th December.
Another one to keep passing round the party is Aldi’s Specially Selected Chicken Skewers (£3.29). Packing a punch of flavour, choose from eight red Thai skewers served with a sweet chilli dip, or eight Katsu chicken skewers with a Katsu style dip.  Available from 12th December.
Aldi’s Specially Selected King Prawn Selection (£2.99) is the perfect finger food to serve your guests as they walk in. Bite through the golden, crispy tempura batter to the succulent prawn filling for the ultimate seafood delight. Served with a sweet chilli sauce, the selection includes Tempura Prawns, Sesame Prawn Torpedoes and Green Thai Butterfly Prawns. Available from 12th December.

Aldi’s Specially Selected Sharing Bread with Camembert (£3.99) is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. The Cranberry, Sage & Onion tear and share bread is ready-to-bake with whole French Camembert in the centre. Could impressing your guests get any easier? Available from 12th December.
Get ready for more cheesy delights! Aldi’s Specially Selected Soufflette Roulette (£3.49) is a fun party food option that will keep your guests guessing. Made with West Country mature cheddar, each pack includes six cheese & onion and six cheese & chilli souflettes. Available from 12th December.

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