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  • Aldi brings back matching pet Christmas jumpers for the whole family
  • Over half of owners are said to look like their pets
  • Nearly a quarter of all dogs and cats in the UK now have their own social media page

Over the past three weeks, Aldi has scoured the country for the best ‘Peta-likes’ with owners sharing their proudest photos on social media – take a look at Aldi’s photo gallery of some of the best >here.
The pet-alikes search coincides with Aldi celebrating the pet obsessed nation’s love for furry companions with the return of its matching pet Christmas jumpers, as part of the supermarket’s Novelty Christmas range.

It’s widely known that many pet owners share an uncanny resemblance with their pets, as proven by the study undertaken by University of California based psychologist, Michael Roy who highlighted that nearly 64% of all owners will subconsciously choose a four-legged friend that looks like them[1].

It doesn’t stop there! Social ‘petworking’ has well and truly taken the world by storm with over a third (35%) of pets now featuring heavily on their owners’ channels, and nearly a quarter of all dogs and cats in the UK now even having their own social media page. The nation’s love for animals only seems to be increasing as owners have gone to great extents to ‘twin’ with their furry companions by wearing matching outfits, and even opting for similar hairstyles.

Aldi’s Novelty Christmas range is available in stores and online now, shoppers can kit out the entire family in Christmas jumpers – pets included – for under £30 but they’ll have to be quick, as with all Specialbuys, once they’re gone, they’re gone!


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[1] Roy, M. and Christenfeld, N. (2004). Do Dogs Resemble Their Owners?. Psychological Science, 15(5), pp.361-363.

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