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Top of the corks! Aldi’s top-rated online wines – according to UK shoppers

Aldi’s wine range isn’t short of an award or two, including Wine Retailer of the Year and Wine Supermarket of the Year in last twelve months alone[1]. However, when it comes to the rate of the nation, which are shoppers’ favourite bottles?

Aldi receives hundreds of reviews from its army of vino loving shoppers and has collated the pick of the bunch – that’s those receiving 4.5* out of 5 and above – to make searching for those top tasting hidden gems even easier.

From Italian reds and Austrian whites to brilliant bubbly and well-rounded rosés, there’s a top-rated tipple for just about everyone

Austrian Chardonnay £6.99

Average rating: 4.6* 

A harmonious and complex wine with aromas of pear, yellow apples, herbs and delicate hazelnuts, this fresh white leaves a long, pleasant aftertaste on the palate. 

Aldi shopper and Chardonnay fan Lolaanddreamer from Bracknell, says: “This is another wine that I bought on recommendation in a national paper. This one is a total success. Really lovely and dry and easy to drink. A no brainer at this price.”

Canadian Rosé £7.99

Average rating: 4.7*

With sweet strawberry, tangy sour cherry and refreshing orange blossom, this luscious, juicy off-dry rosé pairs excellently with any grilled meats or salads.

Mark, an Aldi shopper from Merseyside, says: “Light and refreshing rose wine, strawberries to the fore. Silky smooth. I’ve just ordered more.”

Amarone Della Valpolicella £13.99

Average rating: 4.7*

Amarone is one of the most ancient Italian wines, produced using the “Appassimento” method. Grapes are left to dry in natural conditioned rooms from September to January and are then vinified and aged in oak barrels and casks for 30 months. This drying process gives sour cherry, raspberry and red berry notes.

Aldi fan Toodle, says: “This Amarone wine is excellent. It has real depth of flavour and taste and has a lovely smooth finish. It is as good as Amarone that costs considerably more

Winemaster’s Lot Barbaresco £17.99

Average rating: 5*

Northwest Italy’s Piedmont region is famed for its luxurious white truffles and the Nebbiolo grapes of Barbaresco. During harvest, a deep fog sets into the region, with the Italian word Nebbia (meaning fog) giving the grapes their name. Early-ripening around Barbaresco leads to the softer tannins, with an intense palate of ripe blackberry and red fruit aromas, and hints of liquorice and truffle. 

Aldi wine reviewer Neil, says: “Stunning! Great representation of the Piedmont region! Subtle hints of truffle really make this wine come to life!”

Vintage Cava £7.49

Average rating: 4.7* 

Expert mastery in the creation of outstanding sparkling wines has resulted in this exceptional Reserva Vintage Cava. Golden in colour with lean, elegant and fine bubbles, this delectable bubbly is dry yet perfectly balanced with a long finish.

TWIOW, Aldi shopper, says: “A great vintage cava that tastes as good as any of the more expensive ones.”

Canadian Riesling £9.99

Average rating: 4.6* 

Off dry with the vitality of fruity crispness, balanced by a slight residual sweetness on the palate.  This Canadian Riesling has notes of lemon, citrus and rose petal and is delicious with glazed ham, pizza and spicy Thai food.

PB 10538, says: “What a discovery. Like others who have reviewed, I just took a chance on this Riesling. Wow, it’s fantastic…. fruity, full bodied… just great!!”

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