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Aldi Scotland has donated a grand total of £50,000 across six local authority sports clubs, with aims to help people of all ages participate in sport.

The Sports Fund was first launched in 2016 with hopes to make sport accessible across Scotland, and over the past five years, Aldi Scotland has supported over 500 clubs, donating a total of £290,000.

Each of the clubs supported by the Aldi Scotland Sports Fund received an imbursement ranging from £500 to £2,500, which has helped to provide essential equipment and staffing necessary for clubs to reach their full potential.

Team GB athlete, Katie Archibald, an ambassador for the program said: “Local Sports clubs have played a crucial role not only in starting and developing my career but those of all past and present Team GB athletes, and it is often understated the amazing role that sports clubs play in promoting both physical activity and an active lifestyle.  


“Aldi’s continued investment in supporting local Scottish sports clubs is admired by all Team GB athletes and those clubs that will benefit from the Scottish Sport Fund are crucial in helping to nurture the next generation of Olympic athletes.”

Local sports club, Falkirk Lawn Tennis Club, has received a £2,500 donation from the Aldi Scottish Sports Fund – the highest available, Callum Lloyd – coach Gavin McNiven, Aldi Area Manager

One of the sports club to benefit from the initiative was Falkirk Lawn Tennis Club which was awarded an incredible £2,500 to purchase new equipment and help provide free tennis lessons to schools in the local area. The Falkirk Lawn Tennis Club is a pillar in the Falkirk community, and with this donation, the team were able to breathe new life into the club.

Callum Lloyd, Head Coach, Falkirk Lawn Tennis club, said: “Falkirk Lawn Tennis Club is so pleased to have been awarded the highest funding of £2,500 by Aldi’s Scottish Sport Fund and it is great that Aldi has recognised our efforts in the local community. The club has been coaching Falkirk residents for well over 125 years and this funding will help purchase additional coaching equipment and go towards our new coaching arrangements.” 

Local sports club, Falkirk Lawn Tennis Club, has received a £2,500 donation from the Aldi Scottish Sports Fund – the highest available, left to right: Gavin McNiven, Aldi Area Manager, Adam Kittle(4), Ruth Morrison(4), Callum Lloyd – coach

Richard Holloway, Regional Managing Director for Aldi Scotland, said: “Since 2016, the Scottish Sport Fund has given a wide range of sports clubs the chance to benefit from essential funding to help attract new members and invest in much needed equipment and resources.


“The past year has been increasingly challenging for sports clubs across Scotland and has highlighted the important role they play in promoting both physical and

mental wellbeing. We would like to thank all of the Scottish sports clubs who participated this year and wish them the best in the future.”

The Aldi Scotland Sports Fund accepts applications from any sporting organisation in Scotland who meets the criteria, and clubs can apply for funding for a wide range of purposes, from new equipment to new training staff. Aldi Scotland encourages Scottish clubs who need additional funding to apply for the 2022 Sports Fund, when applications become available.

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