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Aldi, the UK’s cheapest supermarket*, has lowered the prices on an extensive range of fruit and veg products.

This week, shoppers can enjoy even lower prices on items including bananas, apples, spinach and courgettes, as well as on a range of Specially Selected products such as Cotton Candy Grapes. The latest price drop – the biggest round of cuts Aldi has announced this year, representing around one third of its produce range – has seen 55 items fall by an average of around 11%.

The move is the latest of more than 100 prices that Aldi has cut in the past few months and follows news from Which? confirming Aldi as the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket for the 15th month in a row*.

On a basket of goods, Aldi was the cheapest at £65.21, which was £14.30 lower than the most expensive supermarket, Waitrose.

The discounter also announced the opening of its 1,000th store last week as part of its commitment to expanding its store footprint across the UK.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said: “Our promise to our customers is that we will always keep our prices as low as possible. We remain fiercely committed to doing that – now and always.

“This latest price drop is part of our efforts to make healthy, high-quality groceries accessible to everyone. That will always be our mission, and it’s why we continue to see shoppers switch to Aldi.**”

Full list of reduced items:

DescriptionOld priceNew price
Asparagus Bundles 250g£1.99£1.79
Beansprouts 400g£0.95£0.79
Beef Tomato (each)£0.57£0.49
Blueberries 150g£1.59£1.49
Carrot Batons 400g£0.75£0.65
  Brussels Sprouts 500g  £1.29£0.95
Celery Sticks 350g£0.95£0.89
Chantenay Carrots 500g£0.95£0.75
Classic Fruit Salad 200g£1.09£0.99
Coconut (each)£0.75£0.59
Conference Pears 610 g£1.49£1.39
Conference Pears 4pk£1.69£1.59
Courgettes 500g£1.35£1.25
Del Monte Watermelon 300g£1.39£1.29
Finger Chillies 80g£0.75£0.69
Flat Nectarines 4pk£1.39£1.29
Royal Gala Apples 6pk£1.49£1.39
Golden Delicious Apples 6pk£1.49£1.29
Granny Smith Apples 6pk£1.49£1.29
Large Flat Mushrooms 250g£0.95£0.89
Large Oranges 4pk£1.89£1.69
Large Stir Fry Bag 600g£1.39£1.29
Layered Vegetables 240g£1.79£1.69
Leeks 500g£1.29£1.19
Mango Chunks 240g£1.99£1.79
Melon Medley 300g£1.69£1.49
Oranges 5pk£1.39£1.29
Organic Fairtrade Bananas 6pk£1.29£1.19
Pak Choi 250g£0.99£0.89
Pineapple Chunks 400g£1.89£1.69
Pinkids Apples 6pk£1.99£1.79
Pomegranate (each)£0.95£0.79
Pomegranate Seeds 80g£0.95£0.89
Specially Selected Cotton Candy Grapes 400g£1.89£1.69
Specially Selected Easy Peelers 600g£1.39£1.29
Specially Selected Grapes 400g£1.89£1.69
Specially Selected Sweet Pointed Peppers 2pk£1.29£1.19
Purple Sprouting Broccoli 200g£1.29£1.19
Red Gem Lettuce 2pk£0.89£0.79
Red Grapefruit (each)£0.48£0.39
Runner beans 180g£0.95£0.69
Specially Selected Extra Fine Beans 200g£1.29£1.19
Salad Potatoes 1kg£1.15£0.99
Seasonal Pears 610g£1.09£0.99
Shredded Kale 200g£0.79£0.69
Sliced Mushrooms 250g£0.95£0.89
Sweet Gem Lettuce 2pk£0.95£0.79
Sweet Vine Ripened Tomatoes 255g£1.15£0.99
Sweetbite Pepper 190g£1.35£1.19
Sweetheart Cabbage (each)£0.65£0.62
Unwashed Baby Spinach 450g£1.59£1.39
Trimmed Sprouts 200g£1.19£0.95
Unwaxed Lemons 4pk£0.95£0.79
Everyday Essentials Parsnips 500g£0.55£0.50
Vegetable Medley 480g£1.49£1.39

*Aldi is the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket according to consumer champion Which? (August 2023) as well as being named the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket for 2021 and 2022.

** Kantar grocery market share, 12w to 06/08/2023.


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