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Aldi, the UK’s cheapest supermarket according to Which?*, has revealed its latest price cuts on a wide range of items.

The price drops by Britain’s fourth largest supermarket will see almost 50 products falling in price by an average of around 7%.

From this week and next, shoppers can enjoy lower prices on items such as cheese, butter and poultry, as well as on a range of cleaning products and household essentials.

The move is the latest of more than 200 price cuts that Aldi has made in recent months in an effort to further support customers during the cost-of-living crisis.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said: “We will always stand by our promise to keep our prices as low as possible for customers and this latest round of price cuts proves just that.

“That promise applies to everything from household essentials to high-quality groceries, all of which we want to make accessible to everyone, and it’s why we continue to see shoppers switch to Aldi.”

Full list of reduced items:

ProductOld priceNew priceEffective from
Lacura Anti-Dandruff Shampoo£1.39£1.2911/10/2023
Lacura Luxury Hand/Body Wash£2.49£1.9911/10/2023
Saxon Aloe Vera Toilet Tissue 9 pack£3.39£3.1511/10/2023
Saxon Coconut Oil Toilet Tissue 9 pack£3.39£3.1511/10/2023
Saxon Luxury Toilet Tissue 9 pack£3.25£3.1511/10/2023
Saxon Quilted Toilet Tissue 9 pack£3.39£3.1511/10/2023
Saxon Pocket Pack Tissues 6 pack£0.69£0.5911/10/2023
Saxon Pocket Pack Tissues 10 pack£1.09£0.9911/10/2023
Alio Food/Freezer Bags£1.39£1.2511/10/2023
Magnum Kitchen Foil 30m£3.79£3.4911/10/2023
Power Force Compostable Caddy Liners 10l£1.45£1.3911/10/2023
Power Force Refuse sacks 75l£2.15£2.0911/10/2023
Magnum Kitchen Foil 10m£1.29£1.1911/10/2023
Power Force Biodegradable Floor Wipes£0.85£0.7511/10/2023
Saxon Premium Toilet Tissue 24 pack£7.79£7.4911/10/2023
Carlos Takeaway Pizza£2.49£2.2511/10/2023
The Fishmonger 10 Cod Fish Fingers£1.79£1.6911/10/2023
The Fishmonger Omega Fish Fingers 450g (frozen)£1.75£1.6911/10/2023
Crestwood 9 Snack Sausage Rolls£1.29£1.1911/10/2023
Specially Selected Sourdough Part Bake Baguettes£1.29£1.1911/10/2023
Grandessa Fruit Jam£0.99£0.8911/10/2023
Belmont Jammy Wheels£0.65£0.5911/10/2023
UHT Red Skimmed Milk£0.95£0.9211/10/2023
Brooklea Yogurt Drink 12pk£2.79£2.5911/10/2023
Gianni’s Mochi Ice Cream£3.49£3.2511/10/2023
Saxon Cosmetic Tissue Cube£0.79£0.7511/10/2023
Saxon Extra Large White Tissues£1.49£1.3911/10/2023
Ashfields 2kg Chicken Breast Fillets£11.99£11.7911/10/2023
Specially Selected Argentinian Malbec£7.29£6.9911/10/2023
Specially Selected Côtes de Thau Rosé£8.49£7.6911/10/2023
Cowbelle Salted Butter£1.79£1.6918/10/2023
Cowbelle Unsalted Butter£1.79£1.6918/10/2023
Specially Selected Sourdough Garlic Chicken Kiev£4.29£3.9918/10/2023
Ashfields Chicken Mini Fillets 600g£4.15£3.9918/10/2023
Ashfields Chicken Mini Fillets 400g£3.15£2.9918/10/2023
Ashfields Diced Chicken 600g£4.15£3.9918/10/2023
Ashfields Breaded / Southern Fried Chicken Breast Fillets£3.29£2.9918/10/2023
Ashfields Diced Chicken 400g£3.15£2.9918/10/2023
Mamia Organic Mini Rice Cakes£0.85£0.7918/10/2023
Emporium Cheshire Cheese 250g£1.99£1.7918/10/2023
Emporium Lancashire Cheese 250g£1.99£1.7918/10/2023
Specially Selected Chicken Kievs – Katsu / Parmigiana£4.29£3.9918/10/2023
Bramwells Mint sauce£0.55£0.5218/10/2023
Ready, Set…Cook! Coconut milk£0.85£0.7918/10/2023
Snackrite Lentil Chips 85g£1.19£1.0918/10/2023
Village Bakery Crumpet Shapes – toaster/teddy 6 pack£1.15£1.0518/10/2023
Mamia Fruity Bakes£1.85£1.7918/10/2023
Dessert Menu Fresh Cream tarts – 2 pack Strawberry/Toffee£1.69£1.4918/10/2023


*Which? monthly supermarket basket price comparison, published 4th October 2023

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