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Aldi has lowered its prices on an extensive range of fruit and veg products to help Britain eat well for less.

Shoppers at the UK’s cheapest supermarket* can now enjoy even lower prices on items including berries, grapes, tomatoes, apples and ready-to-eat salads.

The latest price drop – the biggest round of cuts Aldi has announced so far this year – represents around a quarter of its produce range, with more than 50 items falling in price by an average of 7%.

Consumer group Which? recently named Aldi the Cheapest Supermarket of the Month for January, with a basket of 72 items costing 32% more at the most expensive supermarket compared with Aldi.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, said: “This year we’re aiming to cut more prices than ever before – helping our customers access the lowest prices possible.

“At Aldi we are committed to making healthy and varied diets affordable for all – with many customers often coming to us for our low prices but staying for the award-winning quality.”

Recent research from Aldi, Britain’s fourth-largest supermarket, found that the average UK adult only eats their five-a-day four times a week. To help, it compiled a set of recipes using different fruit and vegetables to inspire the nation when cooking, available here.

Aldi also recently revealed it spent an additional £1.3 billion with British suppliers in 2023, who provide more than three quarters of all items sold in its stores.

*Which? annual UK supermarket price comparison, published 7th February 2024

ProductOld priceNew price
Nature’s Pick Brown Onions 3 Pack£0.95£0.89
Nature’s Pick Red Onions 3 Pack£0.95£0.89
Nature’s Pick Shallots£1.19£0.99
Nature’s Pick Loose Bramley Apples Each£0.59£0.49
Nature’s Pick Golden Delicious Apples 6 Pack£1.39£1.29
Nature’s Pick Red Apples 2kg£2.99£2.69
Nature’s Pick Royal Gala Apples 4 Pack£1.39£1.29
Nature’s Pick Conference Pear 610g£1.39£1.29
Nature’s Pick Granny Smith Apples 6 Pack£1.39£1.29
Everyday Essentials Raspberries 125g£1.32£1.29
Nature’s Pick Strawberries 400g£3.09£2.99
Specially Selected Strawberries 227g£2.69£2.49
Nature’s Pick Cherries 200g£2.29£1.99
Specially Selected Blueberries 250g£2.79£2.49
Nature’s Pick Brussels Sprouts 500g£0.95£0.89
Nature’s Pick Oranges 5 Pack£1.39£ 1.29
Nature’s Pick Crispy Leaf Salad 120g£0.85£0.79
Nature’s Pick Pea Shoot Salad 80g / Nature’s Pick Butterhead Salad 80g£0.72£0.69
Nature’s Pick Sweet & Crispy Salad 190g£1.15£0.99
Nature’s Pick Classic Salad 145g£0.85£0.79
Nature’s Pick Italian Style Salad 100g£0.85£0.79
Nature’s Pick White Seedless Grapes 500g£1.79£1.69
Nature’s Pick Jazz Apples 6pk£1.99£1.89
Nature’s Pick Black Seedless Grapes 500g£1.79£1.69
Nature’s Pick Mixed Seedless Grapes 500g£1.89£1.79
Specially Selected Sable Grapes 400g£1.99£1.89
Nature’s Pick Mangetout 160g£0.95£0.89
Everyday Essentials Cherries 200g£1.89£1.79
Nature’s Pick Sweet Gem Lettuce 2 Pack£0.95£0.89
Nature’s Pick Galia Melon Each£1.89£1.79
Nature’s Pick Chestnut Mushrooms 250g£0.95£0.89
Nature’s Pick Baby Chestnut Mushrooms 200g£1.29£1.19
Nature’s Pick Sweet Mini Peppers 190g£1.35£1.29
Nature’s Pick Carrot Batons 400g£0.95£0.89
Nature’s Pick Chantenay Carrots 500g£0.95£0.85
Specially Selected Piccolo Tomatoes 220g£1.69£1.59
Specially Selected Piccolo Tomatoes 400g£2.59£ 2.49
Specially Selected Sugardrop Tomatoes 220g£1.69£1.59
Specially Selected Regal Vine Tomatoes 450g£1.79£1.69
Specially Selected Mini San Marzano Tomatoes 250g£1.69£1.59
Specially Selected Piccolato Tomatoes 400g£2.59£2.49
Specially Selected Piccolato Tomatoes 220g£1.69£1.59
Specially Selected Vine Ripened Amello Tomatoes 275g£1.69£ 1.59
Nature’s Pick Vegetable Medley 480g£1.39£ 1.29
Nature’s Pick Egg Noodles 410g£1.09£ 0.99
Nature’s Pick British Trimmed Brussels Sprouts 200g£0.95£0.89
Nature’s Pick Ready to Eat Kiwi 4pk£1.29£1.19
Nature’s Pick Med Veg Medley 400g£1.59£1.49
Nature’s Pick British Apples 6pk£1.49£1.29
Nature’s Pick Strawberries 227g£1.99£1.89
Nature’s Pick Raspberries 150g£1.79£1.69

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