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Aldi, the UK’s cheapest supermarket*, has lowered the prices on a range of fruit and veg products.

This week, shoppers can enjoy even lower prices on items including strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes and spinach. Fruit and veg items in Aldi’s Everyday Essentials range are included in the latest price drop, which has seen items fall by an average of around 9%.

The move is the latest of more than 100 prices that Aldi has cut in the past two months.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said: “Every week we are working hard to make new savings to pass on to our customers and help ensure we always offer them the lowest grocery prices.

“We know that shoppers are having to make hard choices at the moment, so are doing we can to offer the lowest prices possible. That’s why shoppers continue to switch to Aldi from every other supermarket**.” 

Consumer group Which? named Aldi as the UK’s cheapest supermarket in July for the 14th consecutive month. On a basket of goods, Aldi was the cheapest supermarket at £71.22, which was £16.02 lower than the most expensive supermarket, Waitrose.

Full list of reduced items:

DescriptionOld priceNew price
Specially Selected Seedless oranges (4 pk)£1.99£1.89
Specially Selected Piccolo tomatoes (400g)£2.39£2.29
Specially Selected Regal Vine Tomatoes (450g)£1.69£1.49
Strawberries (1kg)£3.99£3.79
Nature’s Pick Salad Bowl (340g)£1.45£1.19
Baking Potatoes (2.5kg)£1.69£1.59
Blackberries (150g)£1.49£1.19
Baby Spinach (240g)£0.89£0.79
Everyday Essentials strawberries (227g)£1.19£1.09
Strawberries (400g)£1.89£1.75

* Aldi is the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket according to consumer champion Which? (July 2023) as well as being named the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket for 2021 and 2022.

** Kantar grocery market share, 12w to 06/08/2023.

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