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·       The new campaign, which airs Friday 24th May, features a catchy tune to highlight the supermarket’s position as the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket [1]

·       It’s not just price that can’t be matched — it’s quality too. Only Aldi has Aldi prices on everything

Aldi’s new TV ad pokes fun at competitors attempting to ‘price match’ products in ongoing supermarket price wars.  

The ‘Can’t Match This’ creative, which airs Friday 24th May, 07:00am features a father and son duo who, on learning another supermarket is attempting to price match Aldi, break into song.

Aldi’s recent award wins are also cast into the spotlight, with accolades including Which? Cheapest Supermarket, Drinks Retailer of the Year, Good Housekeeping Institute Favourite and Quality Food Awards, highlighting the supermarket’s price and quality credentials.  

The ad is part of a wider marketing campaign which aims to hammer home the message: Aldi prices can’t be matched – a fact illustrated by a ‘Which? Cheapest Supermarket’ wrecking ball smashing through competitor price match claims.

Following the launch, hundreds of retail cuts will be promoted under a new ‘prices hammered’ strapline, alongside the supermarket’s ‘Wine of the Week’ offer, which sees bestselling bottles reduced by up to 65%.  

What’s more, savvy swap and save suggestions will also be showcased, positioning products from Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s alongside cheaper alternatives from Aldi.  

Adding a humorous spin, the sequin clad father can be seen riding an ostrich through an orchard, before revealing an apple boasting a Good Housekeeping ‘Favourite Supermarket’ accolade.

Jemma Townsend, Marketing Director at Aldi UK, said: “We’ve seen increased attempts from other supermarkets trying to match Aldi prices but there’s only one supermarket where every price is an Aldi price.  

“Competitors promoting a small number of items will never give customers the full benefits of an Aldi priced shop. But it’s not just cheaper products shoppers get with us, it’s also award-winning and high-quality products.”  

Kyrsten Halley, Marketing Director at Aldi UK, added: “We hope this fun execution helps remind people – Aldi simply cannot be matched on price.”

Aldi’s ‘Can’t Match This’ campaign launches on Friday 24th May, 07:00am.


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