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  • Aldi yet again named the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket by Which?
  • Shoppers can save a whopping £25.23 compared to the most expensive supermarket, for an equivalent basket of items

As Brits continue to look for ways to cut household costs, consumer group Which? has yet again named Aldi as the cheapest UK supermarket. With savings of £12.62 compared to the average Big Four basket, Aldi shoppers can be confident they’re getting the best deal.

Which? conducted its monthly Cheapest Supermarket price comparison and looked at the cost of a basket of 47 items, including groceries and household essentials, with Aldi coming in cheapest at just £74.23. The same shopping cost a whopping £16.91 more at Morrisons and £12.54 more at Tesco.

The independent consumer group’s research also found Aldi to be a massive £25.23 cheaper than the most expensive supermarket, Waitrose, for an equivalent basket of items.

The full results of the research are as follows:

RetailerAverage £

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, said: “We know that across the nation many families are finding things tough due to the cost of living crisis. At Aldi, we’re determined to help by keeping costs low and quality high for our customers. We’re thrilled to yet again be named the UK’s cheapest supermarket.”

The news comes as Aldi has seen shoppers switching from expensive takeaways to its own ‘fakeaway’ range. Sales of its Metro rolls (89p, 4 pack) to create Subway-esque sandwiches, Beef Quarter Pounder Burgers (£2.49, 454g, 4 pack) and Carlos Takeaway pizzas (£3.69) show the range is proving popular with shoppers. In fact, the retailer has reported a +30% rise in sales of its fresh and frozen pizzas over the past month as savvy shoppers enjoy fakeaways at home.


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