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Aldi has announced another round of price cuts on a range of fresh produce and everyday essentials.

The latest price cuts mean the UK’s lowest-priced supermarket* has now invested more than £30 million in lowering its prices for customers in the first month of 2024, with reductions across around 100 lines.

Items such as fruit and vegetables, fish, and household cleaning products are included in the latest list – with prices lowered by up to 13% to ensure customers can enjoy the best possible value.

Example price cuts include:

  • Everyday Essentials Raspberries 125g – now £1.32
  • The Fishmonger Cod Fillets – now £3.59
  • Sun Quench Double Strength Squash – now 65p
  • Powerforce All Purpose Cleaner 1 litre – now 99p
  • Magnum All In One Dishwasher Tablets – now £3.09

Earlier this month, consumer group Which? named Aldi the Cheapest Supermarket of the Year for 2023.

Aldi was also named the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket of the Month for December, with a basket of 43 items costing 14% more at the average Big Four supermarket than at Aldi.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, said: “We’ve got 2024 off to an amazing start – investing more in price cuts than ever before to ensure our customers get the lowest prices possible.

“We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of customers shop with us for the first time in the past year, with significant savings to be had by simply switching to Aldi.”

Full list of items:

ProductOld priceNew price
Everyday Essentials Raspberries 125g£1.39£1.32
Nature’s Pick Raspberries 225g£2.65£2.39
Magnum All In One Dishwasher Tablets£3.35£3.09
Power Force All Purpose Cleaner 1l£1.05£0.99
Specially Selected Gastro Lasagne 400g£3.39£3.19
Specially Selected Gastro Lasagne 700g£4.79£4.69
Specially Selected Paella/Patatas Bravas 800g£5.49£5.29
Specially Selected Australian Merlot£8.99£8.19
Animus Vinho Verde£4.99£4.79
Specially Selected Temps Du Rosé£8.99£8.19
Specially Selected Table Sauces – Mint / Horseradish / Bramley Apple£1.39£1.29
Belmont Choco Sticks£1.25£1.19
Savour Bakes Cracker Share Tub 250g£1.49£1.29
Broderick’s Brownies 4 pack£1.05£0.99
Four Seasons Pineapple Slices 432g£0.89£0.85
Bramwells Tartare Sauce 175g£0.65£0.59
Cowbelle Creme Fraiche 300ml£0.99£0.89
Taurus Dry Cider 4x440ml£2.39£2.29
Taurus Pear Cider 4x440ml£2.39£2.29
Vive Diet Lemonade 6x330ml£1.39£1.35
Sun Quench Double Strength Squash£0.99£0.95
Cowbelle Protein Milk 330ml£0.99£0.89
The Fishmonger Cod Fillets£3.69£3.59


*Which? annual UK supermarket price comparison, published 10th January 2024

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