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Supermarket Aldi is donating an array of products to the food bank set up by 12-year-old Isaac Winfield, which was burgled by callous thieves earlier this week.

Isaac, from Redditch, Worcestershire, was heartbroken to discover that his shed where his food bank is located, was targeted by burglars who stole over £50 worth of food, including cupboard essentials and toiletries – leaving him with bare shelves and nothing for the local community that he has been helping since lockdown.

The loss of products and nature of the incident has left Isaac crushed, so to help restock his shelves Aldi is donating £500 worth of products, including cupboard essentials and toiletries, which will be used to replace the stolen items and also supply the three other food banks he has set up in his hometown.

Isaac, who has a rare chromosome disorder and lives with mum Claire, 43, and brothers Toby, 10, and 22 year old Jacob, said: “I was delighted to get the donations. The shed looks really well stocked now.”

Claire added: “He was very, very upset by what happened but has really brightened up and has a massive smile since the donations.

“He worked so hard on this project and spends every weekend fundraising. He is so passionate about it and this means he can carry on helping the community.

Isaac set up the food bank with £40 of Aldi groceries in November 2020 during the pandemic to help those that needed it most.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said“Like everyone, we were appalled and saddened to hear about Isaac’s food bank, so we are delighted that we can help where we can and ensure he continues to be able to do his amazing work.”


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