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Aldi is donating essential baby items to charities across the UK in a bid to support new parents in need.

The supermarket will be donating 80,000 items from its Mamia range, including nappies and baby wipes, to charities and foodbanks that help new parents on low incomes.

A new study from Aldi and YouGov found that more than three quarters (77%) of new parents across the UK are worried about the cost of essential baby products for their newborn.

More than half (55%) of new parents have struggled to afford essential products for their babies, with 3 in 10 (29%) cutting back or going without food themselves to afford essentials for their newborn.

The impact appears most profound on new parents in Yorkshire and London, where 69% and 59% are struggling to afford essentials for their baby, respectively.

Liz Fox, Corporate Responsibility Director at Aldi UK, said: “The cost-of-living crisis is impacting us all, but caring for a child – something that should be such an exciting time – is creating extra stress for those on the lowest incomes.

“At Aldi, we are more committed than ever to supporting those that need it most. Our research shows that an alarming number of new parents are struggling – which is why we want to do more to support them with this latest donation.”

Aldi is making the donation of baby essentials to those in need via community giving platform Neighbourly. The supermarket’s longstanding partnership with Neighbourly sees all its UK stores donate surplus food to causes all year round.

Since the partnership with Neighbourly began in 2019, Aldi has donated more than 25 million meals to more than 3,600 local causes.

Steve Butterworth, from Neighbourly, added: “As the grip of the cost-of-living crisis tightens, the help and support of charity partners has never been so important. This donation from Aldi will make a real difference to families in need across the UK during this time.”

Aldi’s popular baby and toddler brand, Mamia, has been awarded numerous accolades, including Supermarket of the Year by Loved by Parents,  for its range of top-quality products at every day, affordable prices.

Recent analysis also revealed that new parents could save nearly £300 in their child’s first 12 months by switching to Mamia nappies, when compared to Pampers.


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