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Aldi’s wagyu beef supplier has received the King’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category for 2024.

Warrendale Wagyu, a Yorkshire-based, family-owned business, was established in 2017 and has been supplying Aldi since 2020, with the partnership growing considerably over the past four years. 

Recognised for its customer-led approach and quality breed of cattle, Warrendale Wagyu will be joining more than 7,000 enterprises who have also received this Royal recognition at Windsor Castle in July.

Warrendale Wagyu has full traceability to farm, which means that it knows where every animal has been from birth. The cattle are grown for around two years, feeding on grass – often in upland areas of the UK that can’t grow other crops effectively – before feeding on specialised diets to ensure the meat quality is always high.

Like Aldi, it also puts strong relationships at the heart of its business, creating flexible, localised supply chains to fit with partners’ individual farming systems wherever possible.

Through its partnership with Warrendale, Britain’s fourth-largest supermarket now has the most successful range of British wagyu products offered by any supermarket in the UK, with its range generating annual sales of more than £50 million.

This includes Aldi’s multiple award-winning Wagyu Wing Rib, returning favourite Wagyu Tomahawk and Wagyu Beef Burgers.

Jim Bloom, Founder of Warrendale Wagyu, said: “Through working closely with farmers across the UK, we take pride in producing top-quality British Wagyu beef. This award marks a major milestone in our journey since we started seven years ago, and highlights our commitment to a sustainable business model.

“We are also grateful for the longstanding relationship we have with Aldi and its customers, who continue to appreciate the quality of our products.”

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, commented: “Warrendale Wagyu’s recognition with the King’s Award for Innovation is testament to its commitment to sustainability and innovation.

“We’re proud of our partnership with them and the exceptional British Wagyu products that we have been able to offer in all our stores. Not only this, but this award also reinforces their dedication to providing Aldi customers with quality products time and time again.”

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