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Wine lovers can expect something a little orange-inal this spring, as Aldi welcomes a special rosé-orange wine blend to its own-label range – a supermarket first.

The NEW Specially Selected Rosorange Rosé (£9.99, 75cl) has all the personality of an orange wine, but unlike others of its kind, it comes with a pleasing softness, made possible with the addition of the refreshing rosé.

For shoppers already curious to know what the wine tastes like – the pretty, pale pinky-orange coloured wine offers an inviting aroma of tangerine, quince, apricot, and rose. Flavourful, dry, and distinctive with an attractive fruit profile, it’s a tipple that is sure to ap-peel to vino lovers across the nation.

The unique, hybrid wine, has also got the seal of approval from Mistress of Wine, Sam Caporn – a member of the exclusive Institute of Masters of Wine – who describes it as a ‘genius’ idea.

Sam says of the wine: “By blending two different styles – orange and rosé – you get the best of both worlds; the personality of the orange wine is made more inviting by the freshness and elegance of the rosé. Genius! 

Explaining why this is, Sam says: “The addition of the rosé makes it fresher, more accessible and, in my opinion, much more attractive. Orange wine is a white wine that has spent longer with its skins on, and it can make the wines quite grippy with a very distinct aroma, whereas rosé wine is essentially made the same way as red wine but left on the skins for a very short period. Combining the two contrasting practices makes them both really sing!”

Aldi’s Specially Selected Rosorange Rosé is available in stores and via Click & Collect now.  

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