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The supermarket is offering the UK’s cheapest fresh turkey from just £2.99 per kg, available nationwide from 19th December.

Supermarket Aldi has announced it is officially the cheapest supermarket in the UK for fresh turkeys ahead of the big day, with the Ashfields British Small Fresh Whole Turkey available for as little as £5.98, or just £2.99 per kg, from 19th December.

Aldi’s fresh turkeys which are packed with flavour and skin that turns a crispy golden brown, are available in a range of sizes and prices to suit all; Small (2kg – 4.49kg, serves 6-11), Medium (4.5kg – 5.99kg, serves 11-14), and Large (6kg – 8kg, serves 15-18). Meaning shoppers can pick up a small turkey for just £5.98 (2kg) – winner, winner turkey dinner!

Aldi is also the cheapest supermarket for frozen turkeys, with those looking to pick up a frozen turkey able to do so for just £2.78 per kg for a Large British Turkey Whole Bird whichworks out as little as £1.33* per head! Whilst Aldi’s Medium British Turkey Whole Bird is just £2.96 per kg. Available in stores now.

Aldi’s frozen turkeys are available now and fresh turkeys are available in store and online via Click & Collect from 19th December.


For more information, please contact the Aldi Press Office on:
T: 0207 479 0910 or

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