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  • The dairy-free range includes three coconut oil-based cheddar options, a vegan Camembert a Greek style ‘fake feta’ and more
  • The news comes as Aldi launches its biggest ever vegan range, predicting a 40% sales uplift year on year on its Plant Menu range.

Plant-ing a cheesy grin on shoppers faces this Veganuary, Aldi’s biggest ever mouth-wateringly more-ish Plant Menu Cheese Range is in stores now from just £1.99.Aldi’s biggest vegan cheese range features everything from Coconut Oil Plant Based Cheddar to a Mixed Continental Cheese selection. Shoppers can get their hands on the dairy-free range in stores now for an unbeatable price.

Aldi’s popular Plant Menu Coconut Oil Alternative To Cheddar conveniently comes in Sliced (180g), Grated (200g) and Block (200g) form, all priced at just £1.99. With a delicious flavour just like the real deal, gluten and soya free, with added B12 vitamin, this is an ideal addition to any plant-based plate. 

Shoppers can also pick up Aldi’s new Plant Menu Vegan Continental Cheese (£1.99) – with a choice of either a creamy Grated Mozzarella (200g), a French Style Round Camembert, tangy ‘fake feta’ Greek Style Salad Cheese (200g) or a punchy parmesan style Grated Hard Cheese (100g).  

Also now in stores are the Applewood Smoky Vegan Slices (£2.25, 200g) – a smooth and creamy dairy alternative infused with a delicate smoky flavour, and a Plant Based Babybel (£1.65, 100g). For fans of a spreadable cheese, Philadelphia Plant-Based Almond & Oat Soft Cheese (£1.99, 150g) is now on Aldi shelves, made with a creamy almond and oat to elevate any vegan sandwich. And, finally, for those after something with a flavourful garlic and herb kick, the Plant Based Garlic & Herb Boursin (130g) is also in stores now for just £1.99.

Aldi’s Plant Menu Vegan Cheese Range is available in stores now.


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