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  • Starting from just 99p a can, shoppers can enjoy new blends with the supermarket’s popular Stefanoff, Samuel Joe, and Cocobay spirits – available in stores nationwide now

Aldi has announced its latest selection of ready-to-drink cans ahead of the British summertime. Available in stores nationwide now.

Joining the supermarket’s ever-growing collection, the tipples start from just 99p a can and are perfect for alfresco or on-the-go festivities – without pulling on the purse strings.

NEW Stefanoff Vodka, Lime & Soda (99p, 250ml)

This simple but classic drink presents a refreshing combination of crisp vodka, pressed lime, and a splash of soda. Priced at just 99p, shoppers save 59% compared to Smirnoff Vodka Soda & Lime:

Stefanoff Vodka, Lime & Soda 99p, 250ml  Smirnoff Vodka Soda & Lime £2.40, 250ml
Saving: £1.41 (59%)

NEW Stefanoff Raspberry Crush with Lemonade (99p, 250ml)

A premium distilled vodka blended with sweet juicy raspberries and a dash of lemonade; shoppers could save 51% compared to Smirnoff Raspberry Crush & Lemonade:

Stefanoff Raspberry Crush with Lemonade 99p, 250mlSmirnoff Raspberry Crush & Lemonade  £2, 250ml
Saving: £1.01 (51%)

NEW Samuel Joe’s & Zero Cola (£1.65, 330ml)

Joining the classic Samuel Joe’s & Cola (£1.65, 330ml), the new low-calorie alternative offers the perfect combination Tennessee Whiskey and sweet caramel cola. With a saving of 55% compared to Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola/ Zero Sugar, what’s not to like?

Samuel Joe’s & Zero Cola £1.65, 330mlJack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola/ Zero £2.20, 330ml
Saving: £0.55 (25%)
Samuel Joe’s & Cola £1.65, 330ml Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola £2.20, 330ml
Saving: £0.55 (25%)

NEW Cocobay Piña Colada (99p, 250ml)

If shoppers like piña coladas, then they’re in for a treat. Featuring a tropical combination of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut, it’s the ultimate take on the popular cocktail classic. Shoppers can also bag a rum-arkable saving of 54% compared to Malibu Piña Colada.

Alternatively, enjoy the Cocobay Pineapple (99p, 250ml) for an authentic combo of white rum and punchy pineapple:

Cocobay Piña Colada 99p, 250ml  Malibu Piña Colada  £2.15, 250ml
Saving: £1.16 (54%)
Cocobay Pineapple 99p, 250ml  Malibu Pineapple  £2.15, 250ml
Saving: £1.16 (54%)

Also available in stores now and returning as part of the supermarket’s ready-to-drink range includes:

Stefanoff Passionfruit Martini (99p, 250ml)  

This delicious take on the classic Pornstar Martini boasts tropical passionfruit flavours with subtle hints of lime.

Old Hopking Mojito (99p, 250ml) 

A cult classic, try this delicious blend of rum, lime, sugar, and mint. Chill in advance for ultimate enjoyment. 

Old Hopking Raspberry Mojito (99p, 250ml)  

An expertly blended mix of jammy raspberry and white rum, this mojito is full of flavour and ideal to take on the go. 

Stefanoff Cosmo (99p, 250ml)  

Another retro favourite, this cocktail was made famous by Carrie Bradshaw and her friends in Sex and the City. Sweet and fruity with a tangy twist thanks to the lime, this on-the-go Cosmo is the ultimate party accessory.  

  Coming to stores soon… 

Old Hopking Spiced Rum & Cola (£1.65, 330ml) 

Tropical, grassy notes of spiced rum meet sweet caramel cola in this simple yet satisfying tipple. Perfect for rum lovers! Available 23rd May. 

Haysmith’s Mango & Passion Fruit Gin & Tonic Can (£1.29, 250ml)   

Smooth and complex, this exotic G&T boasts a blend of tropical mango and passion fruit flavours, expertly balanced with juniper. Available 23rd May. 

Haysmith’s Blackberry & Raspberry Bramble Gin & Tonic Can (£1.29, 250ml)  

Pucker up to this berry-infused cocktail, offering deliciously tart notes of raspberry and blackberry for a fruity finish. Ideal for creating the perfect aperitif moment whilst soaking up the sun. Available 23rd May. 

Aperini Spritz (99p, 250ml) 

Signalling the start of summer, this classic Italian Spritz is perfect to crack open on a warm day. The ‘no-fuss’ can is a mix of sparkling white wine and fragrant orange bitters to create a drink that is both crisp and refreshing. Available 4th July. 

Austin’s Classic Summer Punch with Lemonade (99p, 250ml) 

Aldi’s Austin’s Summer Punch is guaranteed to go down a treat at any outdoor meetup. A quintessential British summer drink, synonymous with garden parties and picnics, this beverage is a recipe of fruity notes, caramelised orange, and citrus with a savoury spice. Available 4th July. 

Aldi’s new and returning pre-mixed ready-to-drink cans are available in stores and via Click&Collect now, with other variants hitting shelves on 23rd May and 4th July.


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