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Sous Vide or not to Sous Vide…That is the question

The answer, obviously, is Sous Vide… For the first time ever, Aldi is making the Sous Vide restaurant technique accessible to everyone so shoppers up and down the country can enjoy Livin’ Sous Vide-a Loca.

With Brits increasingly bagging Sous Vide products[1] to create tasty dishes, supermarket Aldi is predicting that the cooking technique will be one of the hottest food trends of 2021 and is launching a supermarket first with its very own Sous Vide Korean Chicken Thighs(£2.99 per pack) in stores from 26th August.

Sous Vide is a convenient cooking method that helps shoppers to cut down cooking time from their busy lives. French for ‘under vacuum’, the Sous Vide technique works by placing food into a bag which is submerged and cooked in temperature-controlled water, resulting in deliciously, evenly cooked food. 

Aldi has definitely not winged it when it comes to taste! Marinated to perfection in Korean inspired spices and glazed with gochujang chilli sauce, the tender thighs are ideal for al fresco dinners in the sun. Due to the Sous Vide nature of cooking, the premium Korean chicken retains its nutrients and yields the food, creating im-peck-ably juicy and flavourful meat. 

Sous Vide cooking is also much healthier due to the lack of extra oil and fat required, and no need for high heat which can break down an ingredient’s natural nutrients. 

Savvy shoppers can chick out the ultimate pairings to go with the new dish, including tasty Worldwide Classic Egg Fried Rice (£0.35, 250g), which only takes 3-4 minutes to cook on the hob and creates perfect results every time. To garnish, use shavings of Nature’s Pick Cucumber (£0.43) and chopped Nature’s Pick Spring Onions (£0.29).

Shoppers will need to flock to stores on 26th August to get their hands on the Sous Vide Korean Chicken Thighs – because as with all Specialbuys, once they’re gone, they’re gone. 


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