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Pancake day has really crêped up hasn’t it? Say farewell to traditional pancake flavours and try something different this year with Aldi’s ‘Gen Z’ pairings. True to form, the supermarket has curated a very special selection of ‘basic’, ‘extra’ and ‘lit’ toppings, for the most Instagram-able of pancakes this February 25th – you’d batter believe these are ‘goals’.

Take your pick of the pancakes with Aldi’s ‘slay’ selection: make at home and have lots of flipping fun with Aldi’s Traditional Pancake Mix (89p), or go American style with the American Pancake Mix (£1.29), for the ever-so-fluffiest of pancakes. If you’d like to make them from scratch, simply: beat 1 cup Self Raising Flour (£0.45, 1.5kg), 1 cup Semi Skimmed Milk (£0.80, 2 pints), 2 tablespoons Vegetable Oil (£1.09, 1 litre), and 1 Egg (£1.25, 6 pack organic) until combined. Fry in Vegetable Oil or Coconut Oil (£1.69), the ever-so-trendiest of oils, for a tropical twist.
If you ‘can’t even deal’ with cooking, and for a fuss-free ready-made option, Aldi’s adorable Sweet Pancakes (£0.99, 8 pack) hit the sweet spot.  
On Trend
For flipping delicious, ‘on fleek’ toppings, Aldi has got you covered with its Gen Z pancake pairings – ‘YAAS’. First up on the menu, swap your usual smashed avo on toast for Blueberry and Avocado pancakes – for a delightfully different, sweet and savoury combo.  Simply drop the blueberries into the pancake batter as it cooks, and top with avocado and more fresh blueberries.
Veganuary may be over, but the vegan ‘hype’ is real and here to stay, and Aldi has got you covered with plant-based options galore. First things first, the pancake; take your pick of Aldi’s plant-based milk – choose from Almond, Soy or Oat Milk. For a sumptuously sweet non-dairy frosting, try dark chocolate avocado frosting, perfect for pairing with pancakes. Simply blend Cocoa Powder, ripe Avocados, Specially Selected Maple Syrup, Coconut Oil, and Vanilla Extract, for a decadently dark and creamy frosting, ready in just minutes.
For Colour
For a ‘millennial pink’, Instagram-worthy dish, top with pink foods aplenty. Garnish with Strawberries, Raspberries, Pomegranate, a sweet dollop of Specially Selected Strawberry Conserve, and a soft scoop of Raspberry Ice Cream, for a ‘basic’ and berry nice dessert – a feast for the eyes!
Be sure to ‘flex’ on the ‘gram with guilt-free, clean greens pancakes. Top with sautéed Kale, wilted Spinach, and poached Eggs – be sure to poach to perfection for a golden oozy yolk eggs-plosion.
Superfoods are all the rage, haven’t you heard? For pancakes with a healthy twist, try a Chia Seed version, using Chia Seeds. Simply soak in water and mix with your pancake batter before frying, and top with your favourite fruit: take your pick from Strawberries, Blueberries, or Raspberries, for a super-food creation with a burst of nature’s goodness. 
Or, try your hand at cooking fluffy and delightful Japanese Soufflé Pancakes – that don’t fall flat. Top with Raspberries and Whipped Cream.
2 x Eggs (separate yolks and whites).
1 ½ tbsp. Whole Milk
½ tsp Vanilla Extract
30g Plain Flour
½ tsp Baking Powder
3 tbsp. Caster Sugar.
Vegetable Oil, to cook
Icing sugar
Whipped cream
Mint leaves.
Add the milk, egg yolks, vanilla and 1 tbsp of caster sugar into a bowl. Beat with a large whisk until thick, smooth and creamy. Sift the flour and baking powder, then fold into the yolk mixture.
In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites until they turn pale white. Slowly, add 2 tbsp. of caster sugar, whisking as you go. Continue to whisk until the egg whites are glossy and hold a stiff peak shape when you remove the whisk.
Put your frying pan, with the 4 crumpet rings, on the lowest heat possible. Lightly coat the pan and rings in a little oil and leave to heat up while you continue making your mixture.

Using a metal spoon, lightly fold the whisked egg whites into the yolk mixture, folding gently ensuring you keep a light, fluffy texture. Gently pile 3 tablespoons of mixture into each ring. Leave to cook for 5 to 6 minutes until the pancakes have risen and firmed enough to be able to carefully flip over in the ring. Cook for a further 3 to 4 minutes and then ease the pancakes out of their rings – run a sharp knife down the sides if you need to loosen.
Plate, dust with icing sugar and serve with whipped cream, raspberries and mint leaves.



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