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  • Radio 1 DJ Greg James has been trapped in a campervan as part of the station’s Summer Breakout 
  • The key to his escape…Cuthbert! 
  • Aldi shoppers up and down the country may have spotted a suspicious looking caterpillar in store this week. Little did they know it was the clue they needed to free Greg all along!

Radio 1 listeners have spent the week trying to crack the code to free DJ Greg James from being trapped in a campervan as part of the station’s Summer Breakout! Unbeknown to Greg and the listeners, hiding in Aldi stores up and down the country this week has been the caterpillar clue they needed to free him all along – the national treasure that is Aldi’s very own Cuthbert (#FreeCuthbert).

Whilst Greg has been sent on a wild goose chase across the UK from Blackpool to Chester Zoo, to Burnley, all listeners really needed to do was head to Aldi where they might have spotted Aldi clues they needed!

Aldi's Cuthbert Cake

Radio 1 listener, Rachel helped to crack the code as she revealed live on air today that Cuthbert himself was hiding in Aldi’s Streatham store. Enclosed in a glass box, the chocolate covered mastermind refused to comment as he sat brazenly on a podium with the clue plastered on him for all to see!

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