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As Brits get ready to welcome friends and family back into their homes from 17th May, sprucing up their abodes has never been easier with the help of Aldi – which has all the perfumed essentials needed to get houses smelling of sweet roses!

And who better to listen to than Mrs Hinch herself, who has inspired millions to get cleaner households? To truly impress your guests, shoppers can head to Aldi now to pick up her cult favourites from the Fabulosa range for just 99p!

The Fabulosa Disinfectant (220ml, £0.99) ready to use formula is the perfect two in one, as it cleans and shines at the same time while eliminating odours, leaving a gorgeously fresh scent. Available in flavours of Electrify, Wild Rhubarb and Black Cherry, Aldi has made it easy for savvy shoppers to get a spotless home, whilst being nose-friendly – plus if Mrs Hinch says yes, so do we!

If that wasn’t enough, the Fabulosa Anti-Bacterial Spray (£0.99, 500ml) is another scented winner to get homes gleaming. Available in a range of flavours including Lemon Sherbet, the anti-bacterial product works in a variety of ways; spray onto clothes, sofas and even in the loo – it will leave houses smelling sweet for hours!

Why not create the perfect ambience for guests too? The Hotel Collection range is an Aldi shopper favourite.  Available in refreshing notes of Lime, Basil & Mandarin (£3.49) and fruity Pomegranate (£3.49), the luxurious two wick candles will leave your home smelling beautiful for hours. Plus, they are impressive on the eye too – designed in a decorative glass holders with a metallic silver finish.

For those that love a savvy hack, why not recycle the old candle jars with Mrs Hinch’s handy tip? Simply add some boiling water to the empty jar and let the old wax rise to the top. Candle holders can then be reused as pen pots, make up brush holders or a new sweetie jar[1].

And for shoppers looking to go the whole hog ahead of their front doors opening, Aldi has everything cleaning fanatics need to get house proud – but for a fraction of the cost. Savvy shoppers know Mrs Hinch could cut her cleaning budget by at least half, saving over £96 a year by switching to award-winning Aldi products.

So all that’s left to do is head to Aldi now to purchase one of these smelling delights or pick up some award-winning cleaning essentials.

Aldi’s Cleaning and Household products are available in store and via Click & Collect now.

[1] Daily Star (accessed 29.04)

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