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  • Aldi shows shoppers how to grow their own meals with its Wooden Mini Greenhouse – and create a Michelin star inspired, ‘seed to plate’ experience at home
  • Green fingered gastronomists can bring the taste of Michelin star restaurants such as Marle at Heckfield Place, Bath’s Oak, Tillingham Farm and London’s Trivet to their homes

This year’s Michelin Stars and Awards list saw nine restaurants awarded the coveted Michelin Green Star; an annual award which highlights restaurants at the forefront of the industry when it comes to their sustainable practices – taking the UK tally to 31. Now, to help Aldi shoppers save money and become more sustainable, the supermarket chain is showing its customers how to embrace the ‘seed to plate’ concept[1] and grow their own ingredients to recreate some of these award-winning dishes at home.

Availableto buy online and in stores now, the small and compact Mini Greenhouse (£69.99) is perfectly sized for gardens, patios, or even balconies. Made from sustainable fir wood and easy to assemble, with three storage shelves and two lifting lids, Aldi’s Wooden Mini Greenhouse is the ideal Specialbuy for food enthusiasts and budding gardeners alike to nurture their own meal ingredients.

Here’s how green fingered shoppers can grow their own seed to plate, Michelin star-worthy meals:

Marle Restaurant, Heckfield Place, Hampshire

Grilled Purple Spouting Broccoli with Ceasar Dressing and Crispy Leeks – £18

Newly awarded with a Green Michelin star, Marle Restaurant at Heckfield Place serves up a wonderfully simple starter which is effortless to recreate at home. In their greenhouse shoppers can grow purple spouting broccoli seeds (sow in March) from Aldi’s GYO Fruit & Veg Bulbs (£1.79 / £0.22 per variety) and leek seeds[2] (March-April) to create this amazingly simple dish. Complete the dish with a drizzle of Aldi’s Bramwell Caesar Salad Dressing 250ml (£0.55).

Total cost of growing: £1.52. Shoppers can save an amazing 92% (£16.48)

Oak Restaurant, Bath

Potato Pave with Sautéed Mushrooms and a White Onion Velouté – £10.50

Bath’s Oak Restaurant has also just earned a Green Michelin star and is offering guests a delicious potato dish with sauteed mushrooms. Customers will need onions seeds (sow March), available in Aldi’s GYO Fruit & Veg Bulbs, potato seeds[3] (March-May) and Aldi’s Nature’s Pick Button Mushrooms (£0.85). Should home cooks want to have a go at making a velouté, they can pick up Cowbelle Unsalted Butter 250g (£1.55), Cowbelle Double Cream 300ml (£0.89) and Quixo Chicken Sock Pots 96g (£0.69) from Aldi.

Total cost of growing: £7.19. Shoppers can save 32% (£3.31)

Tillingham Restaurant, East Sussex

Roast Squash, Cannellini Beans, Kale and Hazelnuts – £16

Set in a farm in East Sussex, Tillingham Restaurant showcases its best seasonal ingredients from the surrounding area and serves up a delightful squash-based dish. Grow at home in Aldi’s greenhouse by planting squash[4] (sow in April), cannellini beans[5] (May – July) and kale seeds[6] (March – June). Finish off the dish with Aldi’s Foodie Market Mixed Nuts 200g (£1.79).

Total cost of growing: £6.12. Shoppers can save 65% (£9.88)

Trivet Restaurant, London

Braised and Roasted Celeriac with Freekeh and Dill – £32

London’s newly awarded Michelin star restaurant Trivet serves up a stand-out vegetarian main of roasted celeriac. Aldi customers can grow from seed before serving guests to show off their green fingered accomplishments. Shoppers will just need celeriac[7] (sow in May) and dill seeds (April), available in Aldi’s GYO Fruit & Veg Bulbs and can pair with Aldi’s Good Grains Red & White Quinoa 250g (£0.85)

Total cost of growing: £3.06. Shoppers can save an amazing 90% (£28.94)

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Wild Honey, St James, London

Autumn Delica Squash, Burrata, Candied Walnuts – £18

This delicious, autumn inspired mozzarella and squash salad from Wild Honey in London is easily recreated by home cooks and bargain hunters at home. Shoppers looking to blow their guests away will just need to get their hands on squash seeds[8] (sow in April), Aldi’s Emporium Italian Mozzarella 240g (£0.49), The Foodie Market Walnut Halves 200g (£2.09) and The Pantry Granulated Sugar 1kg (£0.65).

Total cost of growing: £4.12. Shoppers can save an amazing 77% (£13.88)

Whilst the above savings of up to 92% might sounds too good to be true, there are in fact even greater savings to be had for green fingered gardeners who are able to produce high yields of their chosen crops, as they will be able to plate up each delicious dish many times over, making the savings even more impressive!

Aldi’s Mini Wooden Greenhouse is ideal for customers looking to start growing their own produce and is available to pre-order now, and available to buy in stores from 27th February.

Aldi’s GYO Fruit and Veg Bulbs are also available instore from 27th February.

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[2] Leek Seeds £0.75 –

[3] Potato Seeds £2.99 –

[4] Squash Seeds £0.89 –

[5] Cannellini Bean Seeds £2.99 –

[6] Kale Seeds £0.45 –

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