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  • Industry report shows sales of organic wine almost doubled last year 
  • Customer favourite, Aldi’s Organic Pinot Grigio, increased sales by 15% in 2019
  • Celebrity fans of organic wine include Gwyneth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian

As the UK’s demand for organic produce continues to grow, with sales of organic wine rising by 47% in 2019[1], there has never been a better time to embrace the natural! With Aldi’s delicious organic wine range, starting from as little as £4.99, shoppers can enjoy their favourite tipples comforted by the knowledge they have made a more sustainable choice, without breaking the bank. 
For those who need further convincing to make the switch, organic wine has been given the stamp of approval from a host of A-list celebs, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian[2]. A trend that has proved just as popular with existing Aldi customers, with sales of the Organic Pinot Grigio rising by almost 15% and 75,000 extra bottles of Toro Loco Organic flying off shelves in the last year[3].

Organic Pinot Grigio (£5.99, 75ml)
Available in stores and online now
Grown using organic methods, this beautiful Pinot Grigio has an intense nose of pear and green apple, followed by aromas of acacia flowers and honeycomb. With a wonderfully rich and smooth finish, this is perfect when paired with light starters or superb as an aperitif.
Toro Loco Organic (£4.99, 75ml)
Available in stores and online now
Toro Loco Organic Red is an earthy wine that’s bursting with life. A firm favourite amongst Aldi shoppers, this wine has seen a 10% increase in sales over 2019, proving just how special it is. [4] Fresh and juicy, this award-winning organically certified bottle is a perfect partner to pasta and burgers – and it’s great on its own too!

Organic Prosecco (£7.99, 75ml)
Available in stores and online now
This award-winning eco and vegan friendly Prosecco is sourced from the Corvezzo family’s 150-hectare estate, north of Venice. Grown without pesticides and herbicides, the Prosecco is bursting with fresh pear and green apple flavours, followed by aromas of acacia flowers and honeycomb and will make the perfect organic alternative to your favourite fizz.

Organic Sparkling Rosé (£7.99, 75ml)
Available in stores and online now
For rosé drinkers who prefer bubbles, this Vino Rosé Spumante is packed with fresh red fruits with aromas of strawberry, cranberry and cherry and floral notes of rose. Crisp acidity and a fine mousse balance the crushed berry flavours making this the perfect aperitif.

Philizot Organic Champagne (£26.99, 75ml)
Available online only
This rare premium Organic Champagne is a stunning shade of pink, known as the “eye of the partridge”, from the low use of sulphites during the production process. The Philizot Organic Champagne has a smooth and well-rounded taste, with beautiful blossom and floral notes and hints of toast and fresh berries. 

To find out more about Aldi’s delectable range of organic wines, Aldi’s very own Aldiploma, the ultimate free resource for wine buffs, delves deeper into the world of organic wines in Module 6. 
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[3] Aldi Stores UK sales data – YOY figures. Sourced on 12.02.20
[4] Aldi Stores UK sales data – YOY figures. Sourced on 12.02.20

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