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Share the scare this Halloween season with Aldi’s spooktacular party food range

After many missed out last year, supermarket Aldi is scaling up the scare factor this October with its spookiest Halloween party food range yet. Thrill seekers can enjoy the delicious range in stores from 27th October starting at just £1.99.

First on the menu is the fun-looking Mummy Dogs (£2.49, 335g) and Ghost Family (£2.29, 220g) which are spooktacular additions to any Halloween celebrations. The Mummy Dogs are delicious sausages, wrapped in crispy pastry, which have an uncanny resemblance to the Egyptian undead, while the Ghost Family is made up of a thick puff pastry with succulent pork meatballs.

Shoppers can bite into Aldi’s delicious Breaded Spooky Spiders (£2.49, 350g) – creepy crawly spider shaped chicken covered in crunchy breadcrumbs.

The range also includes a rich Beef Burger with Pumpkin Melt (£1.99, 267g), Ghoul Shaped Burgers (£1.99, 2 pack) and Ghostly Meatloaf with Blood Sauce (£2.29, 400g).

Whilst those who want toadd a kick to their party platter, can try the delicious Halloween Cheese Bake (£2.99, 200g), made up of Red Leicester cheese and chilli, Or for a twist on the traditional, spooky shoppers can get their hands on ‘The Big Scary One’ Giant Garlic Bread (£2.49, 500g), a thick cut pizza bread that is lavishly topped with helpings of Red Leicester cheese, also available in mini size. Both available in stores now.

Finish off the party platter with a slice of the AAAH-mazing Halloween Cheesecake (£2.99, 500g), made with a despicably flavourful chocolate biscuit base and topped with orange cheesecake in a ghoulish pumpkin design. And for a Halloween tipple, shoppers can evoke the spirits by adding Aldi’s Blood Orange & Wild Berry Gin (£14.99, 70cl), Ballycastle Chocolate Clementine Cream or Mint Chocolate Cream (70cl, £6.99) to their baskets, available now and from the 8th November.

Aldi’s most haunting party food range yet is available in stores from 27th October, but only while stocks last.

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