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Shoppers say Aldi’s Christmas bar tastes ‘EXACTLY’ like Toblerone – but it’s a whopping 40% cheaper!

Supermarket Aldi has really raised the bar with its premium Swiss chocolate Moser Roth Swiss Mountain Bars (£2.99, 400g) which shoppers on the Aldi Shoppers UK Facebook Group say ‘tastes EXACTLY the same’ as the Christmas favourite Toblerone bar – but a whopping 40% cheaper than Tesco. The ‘must try’ bar is available in stores now as part of Aldi’s new Christmas range.

The premium quality, Fairtrade Swiss chocolate bar is made up of a delicious chewy honey and almond nougat, and shoppers can choose from milk or white chocolate.

Aldi’s Moser Roth Mountain Bars are available in stores now.

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