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Start new year the healthy way, with Aldi’s unbeatably priced products. Whether it’s wanting to eat more mindfully or just to erase a Christmas overindulgence, Aldi has the perfect swap to help you eat better.

Aldi’s weekly Super Six veg and Fresh Meat and Fish Specials for January mean no is fuss needed; simply stock up your fridge or freezer with these delicious staples – the ideal healthy swap to some of your favourite meals.

Aldi shoppers can simply swap and save, with prices starting at just 29p!

If you like… Chilli con carne or spaghetti bolognese

Try… Aldi’s Skinny Beef Mince (3% fat, 500g) £3.49

The first ever 3% mince in supermarkets has landed at Aldi! Versatile and delicious, this is the perfect swap out for your full fat mince to lower the fat in a meal. Simply add this 100% British beef mince to your chilli con carne or spag bol recipes for a healthier, delicious dinner!

Aldi’s Skinny Beef Meatballs Meal Kit
Aldi’s Skinny Beef Meatballs Meal Kit

If you like… Meatballs

Try… Aldi’s Skinny Beef Meatballs Meal Kit (5% fat, 570g) £3.99

For those days when you need a little hand in the kitchen, Aldi’s juicy skinny beef meatballs are the perfect swap for higher fat mince meatballs. Made from British beef, these are just as delicious as alternatives – plus it comes with a tasty tomato and herb sauce – everything you need for healthy, wholesome meal.

If you like… Sausages

Try… Aldi’s Chicken Chipolatas (340g) £1.99

The meat swap you won’t regret – delicious chicken sausages are the perfect trade for the full fat pork or beef versions. Available in spicy Black Pepper or savoury Tomato & Bacon, these additions are the perfect alternative to your classic bangers. Simply roast them in the oven, along with Aldi’s Baby Potatoes (59p for 1kg), for a could-not-be-easier healthy take on a British classic.

If you like…. Chicken Curry

Try… Aldi’s Diced Turkey Breast £1.99 (300g)

Aldi’s Diced Turkey Breast
Aldi’s Diced Turkey Breast

Lean yet oh-so-delicious, turkey is the perfect addition for your favourite curry – and a fraction of the calories of alternative meats. Simply add to a homemade curry sauce and lots of veg for the perfect wholesome January dinner. OR, for a fish alternative, why not swap in some tasty Marinated King Prawns at £2.99 (300g)? Deliciously meaty and tender, these prawns are ready to make the curry you will fall in love with this month. 

If you like… snacks

Try… Aldi super six fruit and veg

Aldi’s Super Six makes branching out and getting your five a day in an absolute steal, with prices starting at just 29p! Available in store now, they are the perfect inspiration to get creative with your snacks. Perhaps you’re making a smoothie with Pink Grapefruit (29p each) or Oranges (5 pack, 59p), just fancy chomping on some Mini Apples (6 pack, 59p) or Conference Pears (5 pack, 79p) or even swapping those tempting bags of crisps for some hummus dipped Celery (29p each) or Red Peppers (29p each) – these nutritious favourites are the perfect way to keep the snack-monster at bay.

So why not give it a swap with a boost with Aldi’s meat and veg specials.

Available in stores from Thursday 7th January, there’s fantastic offers each week to sink your teeth into, whilst stocks last.

Aldi super six
Aldi super six

Aldi Specials: Thursday 7th – 10th January

Meat Specials

  • Diced Turkey Breast, £1.99 (300g)
  • 2 Hot Smoked Salmon – Harissa or Red Thai, £3.49 (185g)
  • Skinny Beef Meatballs Meal Kit 5% Fat, £3.99 (570g)
  • 2 Piri Piri Chicken Steaks, £2.49 (300g)
  • Marinated King Prawns – Chili and Coriander or Garlic and Parsley, £2.99 (300g)
  • Quick Cook Chicken Breast Sizzlers, £4.49 (1kg)

Super Six

  • Celery, 29p each
  • 6 Mini Apples, 59p (6 pack)
  • Baby Potatoes, 59p (1 kg)
  • Red Grapefruit, 29p each
  • Spring Onions, 29p each
  • Loose Red Pepper, 29p each

Aldi Specials: Thursday 14th – 17th January

Meat Specials

  • 3% British Beef Mince, £3.49 (500g)
  • Back Bacon – Smoked Honey / Unsmoked Maple, £1.49 (300g)
  • 2 Natural Alaskan Pollock Fillets – Smoked/Unsmoked £1.99 (220g)
  • 4 Sea Bass £3.99 (360g)
  • Chicken Chipolatas – Black pepper or Tomato & Bacon, £1.99 (340g)
  • 2 Moroccan-Style Lamb Shoulder Chops, £3.99 (460g)
  • 4 Rump Steaks, £8.49 (900g)

Super Six

  • Oranges 59p (5 pack)
  • Pears 79p (5 pack)
  • Sweet Pointed Red Peppers 69p (2 pack)
  • Radish, 35p (240g)
  • Lychees, 59p (200g)
  • Salad Potatoes, 69p (1kg)

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