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With the number of Brits participating in Veganuary growing year on year[i], supermarket Aldi is on hand to ensure that those looking to make the switch can do so without breaking the bank. In fact, shoppers can expect to find savings of up to 56% across a variety of plant-based products compared to the brands.  

With products starting from just 99p, the range in stores now includes new vegan ice creams, cheddar style ‘cheese’ and delicious stuffed crust pizza.  

Plant Menu Vegan Ice Cream Cones (£1.99, 4 pack)

For those looking for a sweet snack or dessert worth melting for, Aldi has unveiled brand-new Plant Menu Strawberry & Vanilla and Chocolate & Nut Vegan Ice Cream Cones – a crispy wafer stuffed with silky-smooth ice cream and slathered in delicious chocolate.

Plant Menu Chocolate & Nut Vegan Ice Cream Cones
£1.99 (4 pack)
Cornetto Vanilla Gluten Free Soy Ice Cream Cone
£4.30 (4 pack)
Saving: £2.31 (54%)

Carlos Tomato Stuffed Crust Smoky No Bacon and Mushroom Pizza (£2.49, 495g)

Aldi’s brand-new delicious vegan stuffed crust pizza, topped with grated vegan cheese, smoky flavour soya protein strips and mushrooms and red onion, is sure to go down a treat with shoppers! What’s more, it’s 38% cheaper than Chicago Town.

Carlos Tomato Stuffed Crust Smoky No Bacon And Mushroom Pizza
£2.49 (495g)
Chicago Town Vegan Stuffed Crust Bacon Mushroom Pizza
£4.00 (500g)
Saving: £1.50 (38%)

Acti Leaf Oat Drink (£0.99, 1L)

Crowned ‘Best Oat Milk’ in the Olive Vegan Supermarket Awards 2022[i], Aldi’s Acti Leaf Oat Milk has a rich oat flavour that makes it perfect with coffee or cereal. Available for just 99p, this milk alternative is 38% cheaper than the leading oat milk brand.

Acti Leaf Oat Drink
99p (1L)
Oatly Oat Drink
£1.60 (1L)
Saving: 61p (38%)

Plant Menu Hoisin No Duck Kit (£3.29, 345g)

For an Asian inspired feast, the new Plant Menu Hoisin No Duck Kit, is the perfect easy to cook meal kit this Veganuary. What’s more, at just £3.29, it’s 34% cheaper than leading brand Linda McCartney’s

Plant Menu Hoisin No Duck Kit
£3.29 (345g)
Linda McCartney Vegetarian
Hoisin Duck Kit
£5.00 (350g)

Plant Menu Vegan Cheddar-Style Block (£1.99, 200g)

This dairy-free delight is packed with protein and rich in flavour, making it a great choice for cheese lovers looking to make the plant-based switch. Grate it on to a jacket potato or melt it on to some toast for a tasty dairy free treat.

Plant Menu Vegan Cheddar-Style Block
£1.99 (200g)
VioLife Vegan Cheese Alternative Original Flavour Block
£2.50 (200g)
Saving: £0.51 (20%)
SAVINGS: £1.71 (34%) (£0.48 PER 200g / 34%)

Plant Menu Ultimate No Beef Burgers (£1.99, 227g/2 pack)

After winning BBC Good Food’s title of Best Vegan Burger, Aldi proved it has something for everyone with its Plant Menu Ultimate No Beef Burgers. High in protein, these meat-free patties are over 50% cheaper than its rival Beyond Meat[i].

Plant Menu Ultimate No Beef Burgers
£1.99 (227g/2 pack)
Beyond Meat Plant-Based
Burger Patties
£4.30 (226g/2 pack)
Saving: £2.30 (54%)

Aldi’s vegan range is available in stores and via online Click & Collect now.

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