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Toradh Seville Orange Floured Gin hits shelves for just £14.99

Aldi Scotland is adding to its range of own brand premium gin, with the addition of the new Toradh (pronounced Tor-ig) Seville Orange Flavour Gin.

Hitting shelves across all 102 Aldi Scotland stores, it is the latest Scottish gin to be offered by the value supermarket selling for just £14.99 for a 70cl bottle.

The perfect way to be-gin summer, the new addition to the Toradh range is a rich and vibrant gin, bursting with flavour. Boasting notes of light lemongrass and a delicate, floral orange blossom, when topped with ice and a cold splash of Ridge Valley Tonic Water (500ml, £0.99) customers get an incredibly smooth and delightful G&T with a fruity twist.

The Seville Orange Flavoured Gin is the sixth edition in Aldi Scotland’s own brand premium Toradh range, which also includes Plum and Pink Grapefruit Gin; Tropical Gin and the classic Original Gin, meaning Scots shoppers have an incredible selection to choose from.

The range is inspired by Scotland’s natural landscapes and its world-class larder. ‘Toradh’, meaning ‘produce’ in Gaelic, celebrates Scotland’s fertile lands and the abundance of fine ingredients grown here. 

Aldi Scotland pride themselves in working with a wide range of Scottish suppliers who are passionate about bringing the best of Scotland’s vibrant food and drink industry to their customers. 

Graham Nicolson, Group Buying Director, Aldi Scotland said: “Our Toradh Gin range is already incredibly popular, and the Seville Orange Flavour Gin will make the perfect addition to the collection.

“It is an incredibly refreshing drink, bursting with flavour and vibrant notes, that is sure to delight our customers.

“Scotland has such a rich abundance of fresh ingredients, which is almost unmatched by any other country in the world.   Our Toradh range was created in homage to our land and to the fresh produce grown here, and we are fortunate to work with such a high calibre of suppliers to bring it to shelves.”

You can find you nearest Aldi here.

Aldi Scotland’s Toradh Gin Range includes:

  • Toradh Seville Orange Flavoured Gin (£14.99, 70cl)
  • Toradh Plum and Pink Grapefruit Gin (£14.99, 70cl)
  • Toradh Tropical Gin (£14.99, 70cl)
  • Toradh Original Gin (£14.99, 70cl)
  • Toradh Scottish Premium Pink Gin (£14.99, 70cl)
  • Toradh Rhubarb and Ginger Gin (£14.99, 70cl)
  • Toradh Tropical Martini Ready to Drink Cocktail (£1.49, 250ml)
  • Toradh Citrus Gin Fizz Ready to Drink Cocktail (£1.49, 250ml)
  • Toradh Fruit Gin Bramble Ready to Drink Cocktail (£1.49, 250ml) 
  • Toradh Rhubarb Gin Fizz Ready to Drink Cocktail (£1.49, 250ml)
  • Toradh Rhubarb and Ginger Scottish Gin Liqueur (£8.99, 50cl)
  • Toradh Raspberry Scottish Gin Liqueur (£8.99, 50cl)

For more information, please contact the Aldi Scotland Press Office on:
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