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To mark the most romantic day of the year, Aldi Scotland has teamed up with a relationship specialist to give out love-advice based on shopper’s food and drink purchases. 

Dear Ashleigh and Aldi reviewed customer’s shopping baskets to find out what their choices says about their love life, and to offer tips on what to look for when searching for their soul mate. 

Ashleigh took on the role of cupid for the day, sharing her advice to Aldi customers via social media.

One shopper’s receipt included six tubs of Kefir yoghurt, lots of fresh fruit, and some oats, which according to Ashleigh revealed she was focused and determined.

Ashleigh said: “Clearly they are sticking to their New Year’s diet. Now looking at this list, it suggests to me they are making a smoothie, which might mean they don’t have a lot of time in the morning, they might have quite a fast-paced lifestyle, but they are still determined to stick to their goal.

“It’s important this person attracts someone who is equally as ambitious and is as motivated as them, however, you do need to remember to let your hair down once in a while.

“So, if I were you, I’d set some of the berries aside, and get to Aldi for their Eidyn Scottish Premier Gin, and some slim line tonic, that way it’s low in calories and you’re still sticking to your goal.”

To the shopper who bought red onions, milk, bananas, potato croquettes, a pork pie and brioche buns, Dear Ashleigh said:

“This list is so random for being short, that it feels like they have just picked up last minute shopping items which they initially forgot off their list. It makes me think this person could be really last minute, or just really eclectic, either way I think they are very laid back. They do have some classic foods in there which makes me think they prefer home comforts and therefore they should attract someone as relaxed and chill as them.”

Ashleigh offered some tips to other shoppers who shared their latest Aldi purchases on Aldi Scotland’s Facebook and Instagram.

Graham Nicolson, Group Buying Director, Aldi Scotland, said: “We have such a varied range of products from local suppliers in our Scottish stores that often the combination of items picked up can say a lot about shopper’s likes and dislikes.

“It was great fun to work with Ashleigh to find out more about what people’s purchases may mean about their romantic side and we may even see some strong love matches off the back of it.”

Shoppers can add romance to any menu this Valentine’s Day with Aldi Scotland’s Valentine’s Specialbuy range on shelves while stocks last, including Love Heart Lorne sausage (£1.09, 150g), Loch Fyne Oysters (£3.99, 360g) and Loch Fyne Scottish Live Mussels (£2.99, 1kg). Customers can also pick up some award-winning gins including Eidyn Premium Scottish Gin (£19.99, 70cl). 

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