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A Glasgow-based brewer is set to have its beers sold across Scotland as part of an exclusive deal with Aldi Scotland to feature in its upcoming Scottish Beer Festival.  

The in-store campaign will launch on Thursday (28th April) showcasing 25 craft beers from artisan breweries across Scotland, with prices starting from just £1.49. 

Two beers from Glasgow Beer Works will join this year’s line-up, which includes everything from vanilla porters to crisp IPAs, alongside ten other Scottish craft breweries in deals worth over £86,000.  

Founded in 2017, the Glasgow-based brewery established itself in the Scottish independent brewing industry with a solid core range of beers supplemented by small batch offerings and well-regarded barrel aged releases.  

Glasgow Beer Works remains a family-owned brewery and creates beers that are said to reflect the rich quality and character of the city and use locally sourced and Scottish ingredients as often as they can in their vast selection of beers.  

Glasgow Beer Works’ two best-selling beers, Session IPA (330ml, 3.2% ABV) and Pioneer Citrus IPA (330ml, 4.0% ABV), will feature as exclusives to Aldi Scotland in the Spring Beer Festival line-up. Made with only whirlpool and dry hop additions using classic American varieties for reduced bitterness and enhanced aromas, Session is light in its flavour profile, making it the perfect tipple for the warmer months ahead. Pioneer, a session strength single hop citrus IPA, is fuller-bodied, with a lemon and citrus character and added orange juice to give an extra fruity flavour.  

Jack Madigan-Wheatley, Director, Glasgow Beer Works, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to be featured in Aldi Scotland’s Beer Festival line-up. It means that customers from all over Scotland will be able to try our two best-sellers. I look forward to hearing what Aldi customers think.”  

Graham Nicolson, Group Buying Director, Aldi Scotland, said: “Our Scottish Beer Festivals always prove popular with our customers. I am really proud of the strong partnership we have built with Glasgow Beer Works, and I know that our customers will enjoy their exciting brews featured in this Spring’s line-up.” 

Celebrating the 10th year of Scottish Beer Festivals, products will be available in store from 28th April. Visit to find out more. You can find your nearest Aldi here.  

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