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The supermarket has partnered with award winning Chef David Hetherington to show customers how to create the perfect Easter roast 

Spring is a fantastic time to celebrate seasonal ingredients and this year Aldi has partnered with award winning Scottish Chef and professional MasterChef contestant, David Hetherington, to show customers how to cook an extra special Easter roast.  

Choosing the perfect centrepiece is key and Chef David Hetherington has created a delicious recipe using Aldi’s Scotch Whole Leg of Lamb (£5.49 per kg), which is available from all 96 Scottish stores from today (29th March). 

David Hetherington is Head Chef at Glasgow’s Locker Hyndland and is a former MasterChef: The Professionals contestant and Provenance chef of the Year 2018. As well as sharing his favourite Scotch Lamb recipe, David has recently been working with Aldi to show customers how to create tasty meals that will feed a family of four for less than £6. 

Chef David Hetherington commented: “With spring comes such an abundance of stunning Scottish ingredients, which is why I was so thrilled when Aldi asked me if I would share a recipe for their new Scotch Whole Leg of Lamb – arguably the finest centrepiece for an Easter roast. 

“This recipe brings together an abundance of fresh, seasonal ingredients that can be picked up from your local Aldi store. For an added twist, I suggest getting outdoors and foraging for some wild garlic which grows in abundance at this time of year around Scotland – the smell is unmistakable and adds the finishing touch to this dish.” 

Aldi’s whole leg of Scotch Lamb is PGI certified, which means it is guaranteed to come from animals born and reared on assured Scottish farms that meet the most stringent animal welfare and natural production methods, meaning customers can be sure they are buying produce of the highest quality.  

Graham Nicolson, Group Buying Director, Aldi Scotland said: “We are absolutely committed to supporting Scottish farmers and producers and I’m proud that Aldi sources 100% of its everyday lamb right here in Scotland. 

“Every spring we look forward to Scotch Whole Leg of Lamb hitting our shelves, which is why we asked David if he would share his favourite recipe to make the most of this fantastic product. I hope our customers enjoy trying out this recipe; there is nothing quite like serving up roast Scotch lamb at Easter!” 

Aldi’s Scotch Whole Leg of Lamb is available from all 96 Scottish stores from today (29 March). 

Roast Aldi Scotch Whole Leg of Lamb, anchovy, wild garlic and rosemary. 

Tossed spring greens and roast potatoes 

Chef David Hetherington 

This recipe calls for wild garlic, however you can leave it out and just use regular garlic and throw in some spinach leaf for colour. 

Serves 6/8 

2kg leg of @aldiscotland scotch lamb 

6 anchovy fillets 

500g wild garlic (normal garlic is fine to substitute – 6 cloves) 

½ a bunch of fresh rosemary  

1.5 kg potatoes  

1 lemon  

olive oil  

1 pack tender stem broccoli  

2 bunches spring onions 

1 bag spinach 

1 bag kale 

Crank the oven on to 200°C/Gas 6 and let it pre heat. Stick a roasting tray on the bottom to heat for our radical roasties! 

Try to take the lamb out of the fridge at least an hour before cooking, this allows the meat to come up to room temperature and cook more evenly. 

Peel the garlic and pop it in a food processor with the wild garlic and anchovies, blend to a pulp, adding two tablespoons of oil to loosen it up. A mortar and pestle will also work well with this. Set aside. 

Peel your potatoes and pop into a large pot of cold water. Bring them to the boil, and let it boil for about 5 minutes. It’s important here we soften the potatoes a little, but we’re also not wanting to make mash… so just soft enough that a knife goes into a potato with little resistance. 

Chop up the rosemary, drain the potatoes and toss in the rosemary with some salt and pepper, just enough to rough the edges a little. 

Score the skin of the lamb and rub generously with our wild garlic anchovy mix, (leave a little to toss our veggies in) and zest some lemon over, then place directly onto the bars of your oven so that it is perched above the roastie tray. 

Now here’s the genius bit, pop the tatties into the roasting tray that will now catch all the lovely lamb juices as it cooks! 

Cooking the lamb for around 1 hour and 20 minutes will give you a lovely medium rare. 

Meanwhile wash all of the greens, blanch all, bar the spinach, in boiling water for no more than 1 ½ minutes and plunge straight into cold water to keep the colour, taste and nutrients vibrant. 

Once the lamb is ready, leave it to rest for at least 30 minutes. 

Warm up the leftover wild garlic mix and toss the veg in it to warm through, adding the spinach at the last moment. 

Carve the Scotch Whole Leg of Lamb, serve with gorgeous spring veggies and our radical roasties! 

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