Aldi’s Grandessa Mighty Yeast Extract has been voted better tasting than Marmite in a Which? consumer taste test 

·         Shoppers LOVE the Aldi alternative which will save them a third on the branded spread

Love it or hate it, according to consumer champion Which?, the famed spread Marmite can’t match up to Aldi’s own-brand alternative, which costs 30% less than the branded version*. 

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Description automatically generated with low confidenceIn a blind taste test, where 60 consumers compared a range of yeast extract spreads, rating the taste, texture, aroma and appearance of each one, Aldi’s Grandessa Mighty Yeast Extract (£1.69, 240g) came out top, scoring 75%, joint first with Morrisons Yeast Extract, which costs 31p more (£2.00, 240g). In contrast, Marmite scored just 65%.

Which? said of Aldi’s and Morrisons winning spreads: “Both got high marks across the board. But it was their flavour that set them apart from the rest, leading them to scoop Best Buys. Our panel rated them as superior when it came to taste, with a good strength of flavour that wasn’t too salty and an easy-to-spread texture.”

Aldi’s affordable swap also beat supermarket alternatives from other leading retailers including Asda and Tesco.   

Full results

Product Overall score
Aldi Grandessa Yeast Extract£1.6975%
Morrisons Mighty Yeast Extract £2 75%
Asda Yeast Extract £1.7972%
Tesco Yeast Extract £1.9870%
Marmite Yeast Extract £2.49 65%

Aldi’s Yeast Extract is not just the best tasting, it’s also suitable for vegans and vegetarians and packs a nutritional punch, including vitamins such as B12 and thiamin (vitamin B1). It is particularly high in folic acid, with one serving containing 264µg of folic acid – 132% of the daily recommended amount**. 

Any shoppers that fancy putting Aldi’s spread to the test themselves, can head to stores now to buy Grandessa Mighty Yeast Extract or Marmite.

Read the full article at Which?: https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/food-and-drink/article/marmite-vs-supermarket-yeast-extract-spreads-aN0yL9M8qgZb

*Marmite: £2.49 for 250g

**The NHS recommends adults need 200µg of folic acid and 1.5µg of vitamin B12 a day.

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