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· Random plate of low cost buffet and healthy bites is new summer food TikTok sensation

· Now Aldi provides formula for perfect picky bits dish: 40% carbs + 30% fresh + 10% cold cuts + 10% juicy + 10% completely random

Britain’s social media foodies have crowned ‘Picky Bits’ as the must eat dish this summer – after 20 million videos on how to make the ‘British Tapas’ mix of picnic items and healthier bites were posted on TikTok.

The hand-picked mix is ideal for summer, allowing shoppers to step away from the oven and load up on random foods for a quick and easy, purse-friendly meal.

With 20 million Picky Bits videos on TikTok, Aldi has identified the formula to help shoppers get that Perfect Picky Bits Plate every time – with all items available to pick up in-store now. Better yet, prices start at just 50p.

The Aldi Perfect Picky Bits formula is:

40% picnic pastries + 30% fresh + 10% cold cuts + 10 % juicy + 10% completely random = Perfect Picky Bits Plate

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, said: “Picky Bits have long been a British summer staple, and when the weather hots up it’s easy to understand why. This summer though the trend for Picky Bits on social media has gone wild. At Aldi, you can get everything in one place and know that you’re guaranteed a bargain.”

Aldi’s Perfect Picky Bits includes…

Picnic Pastries (40%)

The centrepiece of a Picky Bits plate is the food usually reserved for parties and buffets. Think sausage rolls, quiche, pies, pasta – anything that has golden hues and requires zero preparation.

  • Specially Selected Melton Mowbray Pork Pie, £1.79, 295g
  • Specially Selected Spinach, Red Pepper & Feta Quiche, £2.49, 400g
  • Specially Selected Hog Roast Sausage Rolls, £1.89, 188g
  • Crestwood Spinach and Feta Parcels, £1.65, 128g

Fresh (30%)

To complement your picnic pastries, it’s important to go fresh – adding in nature’s easiest veggies to round off your plate and add more variety.

  • Nature’s Pick Sweet Leaf Salad, 70p, 240g
  • Everyday Essentials Cherry Tomatoes, 50p, 250g
  • Nature’s Pick Cucumber, 59p each
  • Nature’s Pick Carrot Batons, 75p, 400g
  • Nature’s Pick Large Ripe And Ready Avocado, 79p each

Cold Cuts (10%)

Whether it’s prosciutto, some cooked chicken, or a leftover BBQ chicken wing, for the meat eaters out there a slice or two belongs on every Picky Bits plate. 

  • The Deli Italian Prosciutto £1.59, 120g
  • The Deli Italian Salami and Cheese Selection, £1.79, 120g
  • Ashfields Cooked Chicken Slices, 79p, 115g
  • Ashfields BBQ Chicken Wings, £1.99, 400g

Something Juicy (10%)

A saucy addition to your plate is vital for a successful Picky Bits tea!

  • Specially Selected Spinach & Pine Nut Pasta, £1.49, 215g
  • The Deli Marinated Cherry Tomatoes With Italian Mozzarella, £1.69, 150g
  • Specially Selected Coleslaw & Potato Salad, £1.69, 2x200g
  • Nature’s Pick Cooked Beetroot, £0.85, 500g
  • The Deli Houmous, 69p, 200g
  • The Deli Silverskin Pickled Onion, £0.55, 225g (drained)

Absolute random (10%)

And of course, no Picky Bits plate would be complete without the random items from the fridge that just need to be eaten. Leftover lasagne (Inspired Cuisine Beef Lasagne – £2.15, 400g)? Slice of cheese (Specially Selected Brie De Meaux – £2.15, 165g)? Or how about some Specially Selected Lightly Salted Hand Crisps, £0.89, 150g)? Pièce de resistance. Picky Bits are there to be enjoyed!

Whatever or wherever the occasion, Aldi has the perfect Picky Bits for available to pick up from store now.


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