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  • Aldi’s BRAND NEW fast-food favourites are in stores now and start from just £1.49 each
  • The new range includes chicken nuggets, hash browns and a Big Stack Burger
  • These new launches come after Aldi is praised by shoppers for its 75p fish burgers, which taste just like McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish[1]

On to burger and better things! Aldi has today announced the launch of its new McDonald’s inspired range, but at a fraction of the price. The new 12 box of Chicken Nuggets, 10 Breakfast Hash Browns and Snacksters Big Stack Burger offer the perfect meal for family and friends.

Everyone knows a McDonald’s order isn’t complete without a serving of classic chicken nuggets, and Aldi’s version will be no different. The supermarket’s 12 Chicken Nuggets with Dips Box (£1.69, 300g) offers 12 fresh nuggets accompanied by two tasty dips; tangy Sweet Chilli and rich BBQ, all served in a McDonald’s style cardboard box. Costing less than half of the McDonald’s alternative – and you also get more for your money, since McDonald’s 9 Chicken McNuggets, are £3.29, 150g. In stores 24th May.

Next on the menu is Aldi Snacksters Big Stack Burger, (£1.49, 204g), layered with two tasty leanbeef burgers and creamy, flavoursome cheese. Also less than half the price of McDonald’s Big Mac Burger (£3.29 145g) – and bigger in size –this stackable burger is a perfect fakeaway option. Available in stores now.

Beloved by Brits, the humble hash brown is a breakfast essential. At 85% cheaper than the McDonald’s price (McDonald’s Hash Brown £0.89 for 1, 56g), Aldi’s crowd pleasing 10 Breakfast Hash Browns Box (£1.49, 640g) offers an affordable alternative to the Maccie-D’s solo-served version. Add to a Village Bakery English Muffin (£0.39, 4 pack), with an Oakhurst Pork Patty (£1.75, 6 pack) for a tasty breakfast muffin, at a fraction of the cost! In stores 24th May.

The new launches come after shoppers are singing the praises of Aldi’s fish burgers, which have been hailed for their similarities to the popular Filet-O-Fish[2]. Aldi’s Tasty Catch Buttermilk Fish Burgers (227g) are just £1.39 for two, making it 75p per burgernearly £3 cheaper than McDonald’s. In stores now.

Shoppers can purchase all four snacks for just £5.86 and save themselves over a fiver by opting to shop at Aldi. 

Aldi PriceMcDonald’s Price
Aldi 12 Chicken Nuggets with Dips £1.69 (300g)McDonald’s 9 Chicken McNuggets, £3.29 (150g)
Aldi Snacksters Big Stack Burger £1.49 (204g)McDonald’s Big Mac Burger, £3.29 (45g)
Aldi 10 Breakfast Hash Brown £1.49 (640g)McDonald’s Hash Brown £0.89 for 1 (56g)
Aldi x2 Tasty Catch Buttermilk Fish Burgers £1.39 (227g)McDonald’s Fillet-O-Fish £3.69 (141g)
Total: £5.86Total: £11.16

These taste sensations can save you 47% than purchasing from the popular restaurant[3]. The terrifically tasting products landed in Aldi stores and via Click & Collect from 17th May!


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[2] UberEats – prices as of 29.04

[3] McDonald’s Menu – prices as of 29.04

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