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  • The Exquisite Range includes British King Scallops, Crab Claw Meat, and
    Artisan Chocolate

Aldi is pulling out all the stops this festive season by launching its most premium Christmas food range ever! The Exquisite range, which is available in store throughout December, is full of luxurious, decadent, quality flavours for shoppers to enjoy from just £2.49.

The main attraction

Aldi’s Specially Selected Exquisite Hand-Finished Chesham Bronze Free Range Turkey washighly commended at this year’s Quality Food Awards (QFA). The succulent bird comes with a handy pop-up timer to help cook to golden perfection and as well as being slow grown, it’s traditionally dry hung for at least 10 days for optimum flavour. Available in store from 19th December.

Aldi Turkey

Add a slice of sophistication with the Specially Selected Exquisite Game Box (£29.99, 2.5kg) – the first product of its kind for Aldi. The selection of fresh British game is set to impress guests, from British estates, it is pre-prepared and beautifully presented featuring a brace of garnished partridge, a brace of garnished pheasant, four delicious pheasant breasts and two rolls of pork and cranberry stuffing. Available in store from 19th December.

Create a feast fit for royalty with the Specially Selected Exquisite 40 Day Dry Aged King Arthur Aberdeen Angus Sirloin-Rib Joint (£24.99, per kg) – a visually beautiful beef centrepiece with prime rib meat full of flavour. Perfect for cooking on a bed of Christmas veggies and best served with horseradish for ultimate enjoyment. Available in store from 19th December.

Aldi’s Specially Selected Exquisite British King Scallops (£4.99, 140g) are here to add finesse to Christmas dinners. These beautifully plump, 100% British wild caught scallops make a striking and delicious seafood starter. Available in store from 19th December. 

Decadent desserts

With Aldi’s Specially Selected Exquisite 30 Month Matured Pudding (£9.99, 907g), shoppers can treat themselves to a carefully cultivated Christmas pudding, which has been created by the oldest pudding maker in the world over two and a half years. This classic dessert is packed full of luxurious ingredients: Turkish sultanas, finest Greek Vostizza currants, juicy plums, tart cranberries and brandy-soaked cherries – not to mention the generous helping of rum, brandy, port and aged Armagnac. Available in stores now.

The finest chocolate selections 

Aldi’s Specially Selected Exquisite Belgian Chocolate Caramel Thins (£3.99, 180g) were namedChristmas Product of the Year’ at the Quality Food Awards. Made in a family-run bakery in Somerset and decorated by hand, the delicious chewy caramel thins are enrobed in Belgian chocolate. They come in three melt-in-your-mouth flavours: milk chocolate and salted caramel, white chocolate and pistachio, and dark chocolate orange. Available in stores now.  

Canapé essentials

For a meat canapé, the Specially Selected Exquisite Ibérico De Bellota (£4.99, 60g), is expertly crafted by Spain’s leading charcuterie producer, Aldi’s Jamon de Bellita Ibérico is air-dried for a minimum of 30 months, resulting in a melt-in-the-mouth texture and richly sweet flavour with nutty aromatics. perfect for adding a touch of luxe to a cheese board or party platter. Available in store from 10th December.

Christmas is the perfect excuse to indulge, and there is nothing better than Aldi’s award-winning Specially Selected Exquisite Pâté Ingot (£4.99, 365g) to kick off a delicious Christmas meal! Smooth British chicken and duck parfait topped with a vibrant passionfruit and clementine jelly and a hidden cranberry centre. On sale from 10th December.

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