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  • Aldi has launched its most premium chocolate range yet, starting from just £2.99
  • Shoppers can make huge savings on luxury boxes of chocolateversus Hotel Chocolat

This festive season, supermarket Aldi has introduced a whole host of premium chocolate gifts and treats, which can be compared to Hotel Chocolat’s range – only shoppers can save more than 70% at Aldi. Sweet!

Aldi’s Specially Selected Exquisite Artisan Collection (£19.99, 600g)

Looking for the perfect gift this Christmas, this 64-piece box of chocolates features a range of individually crafted artisan chocolate truffles, caramels, ganaches and pralines. Chocolate lovers are sure to go cara-mad for these flavours, including spiced biscuit butter, salted caramel British honey and British raspberry macaron. What’s more, when swapped for the closest comparison to Hotel Chocolat, shoppers can make a huge £55 saving (73%).

AldiHotel Chocolat
Specially Selected Exquisite Artisan Collection
£19.99, 600g (£3 per 100g)
The Chocolatier’s Table
£75.00, 750g (£10 per 100g)
Savings: £55.01 (£7.00 per 100g)

Aldi’s Moser Roth Winter Desserts (£4.99, 168g)

One for lovers of classic desserts – the Moser Roth Winter Dessert box features a delicious selection of sweet favourites. The 13-piece set of Fairtrade Belgium chocolates is packed with indulgent pud classics including Salted Caramel Brownie, Jam Roly Poly, Trillionaire Shortcake and Cinnamon Bun.

AldiHotel Chocolat
Moser Roth Winter Desserts
£4.99 (168g)
The Winter Puddings H Box
£13.50 (190g)
Saving: £8.51 (£4.00 per 100g)

Aldi’s Moser Roth Boozy Truffles (£4.99, 165g)

This collection of tippled treats includes a selection of classic cocktail flavours, including Mojito, a white chocolate truffle laced with rum and zingy lime, Passion Fruit Margarita, a punchy milk chocolate truffle infused with tequila, as well as Blood Orange Gin, Irish Cream and a Marc de Champagne Cocktail.

AldiHotel Chocolat
Boozy Truffles
£4.99 (165g)
Tipsy Truffles
£13.50 (155g)
Saving: £8.51 (£5.00 per 100g)

Moser Roth Milk, White & Dark

Shoppers are also sure to be very fondue of the Milk, White & Dark set which includes flavours such as Fudge Sundae, Supermilk Crunchy Praline, Maple and Pecan, Almond Duo and Salted Caramel Cheesecake.

AldiHotel Chocolat
Moser Roth Milk, White & Dark
£4.99 (160g)
£13.50 (185g)
Saving: £8.51 (£7.00 per 100g)

Moser Roth Caramel Batons (£2.99, 130g)

These new mouth-watering batons ooze with scrumptious caramel in a variety of flavours: Brilliant blonde chocolate filled with salted caramel; delicious dark chocolate and orange caramel; marvellous milk chocolate with a maple caramel; and for those feeling extra festive, white chocolate filled with gold sparkling caramel.

AldiHotel Chocolat
Moser Roth Caramel Batons
£2.99 (130g)
Caramel Chocolate Batons
£7.00 (120g)
Saving: £4.01 (£3.00 per 100g)

Aldi’s indulgent Christmas chocolate selection range is available in stores now.

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