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Here to help shoppers smash Dry January in the most delectable way, supermarket Aldi has launched Haysmith’s Cucumber & Mint 0.0% Spirit. With a price tag of just £9.99/70cl, this elegantly smooth and complex tasting drink is of astounding value compared to others on the market, which cost almost the same as their alcoholic counterparts. Shoppers could save over £13 compared to a bottle of Seedlip this Dry January!

Haysmith’s Cucumber & Mint 0.0% Spirit – £9.99/70clSeedlip Garden 108 – £23.50/70cl[i]

Whether looking to cut out or simply reduce their alcohol consumption, shoppers can brighten up this winter with this cucumber and mint flavoured drink that could be described as a breath of summer in the depth of winter. Delicately aromatic mint intertwines with crisp notes of cucumber essence, resulting in a fresh and light tipple.

Perfect served over ice with premium tonic, a wedge of lime and fresh mint, or, for the more creative sorts, why not whip up Aldi’s delicious Cucumber Lime mocktail?!

Cucumber Lime Mocktail Recipe

Aldi cocktail
Ingredients (serves 1):

50ml Haysmith’s Cucumber & Mint 0.0% Spirit

6 slices Cucumber, peeled

1/2 fresh lime, cut into 2 wedges

40ml Del Rivo Apple Juice

12 fresh Mint leaves

1 tsp The Pantry Granulated Sugar

Crushed ice cubes

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  1. Pour the spirit drink and apple juice into a large cup or small bowl. Add the sugar, squeeze in the lime juice.
  2. Add the mint leaves and the cucumber slices and, with the end of a wooden spoon, muddle/crush the mint and cucumber slightly to release their flavours. Pour into a glass, add plenty of crushed ice, drop in the lime halves and stir.
  3. Serve garnished with a sprig of mint.

 Aldi’s new Haysmith’s Cucumber & Mint 0.0% (£9.99/70cl) Spirit drink is on sale nationwide now in stores only.


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