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  • Shoppers can enjoy a full Nando’s inspired range of CHEEKY starters, mains, sides, and sauces including a Wing Roulette, Mighty Peas, Peri Peri Mayo and more from 5th September

Supermarket Aldi has revealed a vast new peri-peri chicken range to rival juicy high street favourite Nando’s. Launching 5th September, shoppers are sure to get peri hot under the collar as the selection includes everything from lemon and herb chicken thighs to scorching chicken breast sizzlers for the ultimate fake-away feast. What’s more, the range will be the first ever launch to trigger a full branded takeover of the fresh meat specials fixtures across Aldi stores.

Aldi’s NEW Rooster’s Half Chicken Lemon and Herb (£3.99, 900g) is a delicious and zesty dish that features a succulent breast and leg marinated in a delightful blend of lemon, herbs, and spices. Also available in medium heat for those seeking a little bit more of a kick. What’s more, shoppers can save 54% compared to Nando’s.

Need to turn up the heat? Aldi has you covered with a purse friendly alternative to the popular Nando’s Butterfly Chicken. The NEW Chicken Breast Sizzlers (£3.69, 400g) come with a sizzling Hot Peri-Peri sauce. Also available in lemon & herb for those with more timid taste buds.

Or sink your teeth into Aldi’s NEW Rooster’s Thigh Fillets Medium Peri Peri (£3.29, 360g). A delectable combination of tender, juicy chicken thigh served with a signature spice blend, packing just the right amount of heat to tickle your taste buds. Also available in Lemon & Herb.

If you’re feeling brave, walk into the wing of fire with the Wing Roulette (£4.99, 1.1kg), a lucky dip of marinated chicken wings with spice levels that vary from mild to insanity. Put those taste buds to the test and see if you can handle the heat!

Pair your choice of chicken with a whole host of sides inspired by Nando’s classics such as: Spicy Rice (1.99, 300g), Mighty Peas (£1.99, 250g), Corn on the Cob (£1.99, 255g), Peri Peri Seasoned Fries (£1.49, 255g) and Rainbow Slaw (£0.79, 300g).

If that’s not saucy enough, try Aldi’s Peri Peri Mayo (£0.99, 170g) blending peri-peri chili spice and creamy mayonnaise, adding a vibrant and tangy kick to any dish.

But it doesn’t end here! Those looking for a meat alternative, look no further as Aldi has introduced its brand-new Plant Menu Peri Peri No Chicken (£1.99, 240g). Perfect for vegetarians, these plant-based alternatives will have even the biggest chicken fans guessing.


Aldi Rooster’s Breast Sizzlers, Peri Peri Seasoned Fries and Mighty Peas



Nando’s Meal Main with two sides (Butterfly Chicken with PERI-Salted Chips and Macho Peas


SAVINGS: £7.03 (50%)

Aldi’s full NEW cheeky Nando’s inspired range includes:


Houmous with Peri Drizzle (99p, 150g)

Olives (£1.69, 120g)


Rooster’s Half Chicken Lemon and Herb/Medium Peri-Peri (£3.99, 900g)

Rooster’s Thigh Fillets Lemon and Herb/Medium Peri-Peri (£3.29, 360g)

Rooster’s Breast Sizzlers Lemon and Herb/Medium/Hot Peri-Peri (£3.69, 400g)

Rooster’s Wing Roulette (£4.99, 1.1kg)

Plant Menu Peri-Peri No Chicken (£1.99, 240g)


Spicy Rice (£1.99, 280g)

Mighty Peas (£1.99, 300g)

Spicy Corn on the Cob (£1.99, 255g)

Mini Garlic Bread (£1.29, 145g)

Peri Peri Seasoned Fries (£1.49, 255g)

Rainbow Slaw (£0.79, 180g)

Coleslaw (79p, 180g)


Peri Peri Mayo (£0.99, 150g)

Aldi’s new fakeaway range is available in store and via Click & Collect from 5th September.


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