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  • Aldi’s NEW The Infusionist Margarita allows shoppers to enjoy the tipple without having to splash out on ingredients
  • Shoppers can save over 20% per bottle compared to Funkin Cocktails[1]
  • The supermarket is also launching a NEW Infusionist Strawberry Daiquiri

On your margs, get set, pour!  The margarita has been voted the UK’s favourite cocktail[1] – and with ‘how to make a margarita’ racking up a whopping 80,000 Google searches in a single month[2], Aldi has cocktail lovers sorted this summer with a new ready-to-pour Margarita for less than £8!

Available in stores from 23rd May, the NEW The Infusionist Margarita (£7.49, 70cl) will transport fans to the sunny shores of Mexico, boasting zingy flavours of lemon and sweet orange combined with spicy, smooth tequila. It’s an easy way for shoppers to enjoy the nation’s favourite cocktail without the fuss of making it or pulling on purse strings.

It doesn’t stop there; the supermarket is also launching The Infusionist Strawberry Daiquiri (£7.49, 70cl). Bringing together the sweet and tart flavours of strawberry, lemon and rum, this berry nice cocktail will give shoppers a taste of Cuba for under a tenner. What’s more, these pre-mixed bottles are a great option to take on the go and land just in time for picnic season.

With cocktail prices averaging £13 a pop[3] in restaurants, shoppers can sip back and relax without the hefty price tag as Aldi’s Infusionist cocktails can save shoppers over 20% per bottle compared to Funkin Cocktails[4].

The Infusionist Margarita £7.49, 70clFunkin Cocktails Lime Margarita £9.50, 70cl  
The Infusionist Strawberry Daiquiri £7.49, 70clFunkin Cocktails Bartender Edition Strawberry Daiquiri £9.50, 70cl

Aldi’s NEW The Infusionist Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktails will be available in stores nationwide and through Click and Collect from 23rd May.







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