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  • Supermarket Aldi predicts it will sell over 1,800 tonnes of strawberries and more than one million pots of cream this tennis season
  • Shoppers can find the ultimate courtside treat for just 80p per portion
  • The supermarket also expects to sell the equivalent of 2.2 million glasses of its Austin’s Summer Punch

As tennis fever sweeps the nation, Aldi is getting ready to serve just under 2,000 tonnes of strawberries (that’s equivalent to the weight of fifteen Blue Whales)[1] and more than one million pots of cream, creating the quintessential British summertime snack.

Picked at their prime from British farms, shoppers can pair Aldi’s fresh and juicy Everyday Essentials Strawberries (£1.09, 227g) with the rich Cowbelle Fresh British Double Cream (£1.05, 300ml) for just £2.14.

Fruity tipple fans can also rejoice, as Aldi is slashing the price of shoppers’ favourite Austin’s Summer Punch to just £6.69 (down from £7.99, saving 16%), offering an ace saving of 62% compared to alternative Pimm’s No. 1[3].  Valid from 1st -14th July.

In a summer punch blind taste test by consumer champion Which?[4],Pimm’s No.1 was pipped to the post by Aldi’s own-brand alternative, which came out top scoring 75% (Pimm’s received a score of 70%).

The reduction comes as the UK’s cheapest supermarket[5] predicts it will sell 2.2 million glasses of Austin’s Summer Punch[6] from 24th June-14th July.

Aldi’s Everyday Essentials Strawberries and Cowbelle Fresh British Double Cream are available in stores and online via Click & Collect now.

Austin’s Summer Punch is available for just £6.69 from 1st-14th July in stores and online via Click & Collect.


[1] Blue whale = 115 tonnes (

[2] 80p per portion

  • Cowbelle Fresh Double Cream (£1.05, 300ml) 1 serving = 30ml (11p)
  • Everyday Essentials Strawberries (£1.09,227g) 1 serving = 144g (69p)
  • 69+11 = 80p per portion


[4] Which?

[5] Which? Cheapest Supermarket – May

[6] 2.2 million glasses

  • 700ml bottle of Austins
  • 25 ml per serving = 28 servings per bottle of Austin’s (based on Summer Punch recipe, 1 part Austin’s to 3 parts lemonade ratio)
  • Total = £1.24 per serving (144g strawberries + 30ml cream)
  • Aldi Everyday Essentials Strawberries ( £1.09, 227g) (69p per 144g serving)
  • Cowbelle Fresh British Double Cream (£1.05, 300ml) (11p per 30ml serving of cream)
  • Total = 80p per serving (144g strawberries + 30ml cream)

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