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  • The perfect hot cross bun should be toasted for 53 seconds and served at 12.12pm each day, according to research from Aldi – which boasts the best bun in the nation[1]
  • Shoppers are experimenting with toppings such as lemon curd, brandy butter and even cheese and jam
  • With the average Brit consuming at least five hot cross buns this Easter, the season will see the UK enjoy 336 million of the beloved treat

The ideal Hot Cross Bun should be toasted for 53 seconds and consumed at 12.12pm, according to research amongst shoppers*. The study, commissioned by Aldi – which had its Specially Selected Luxury Fruited Hot Cross Buns twice named the best in the nation[2] – has proved that our love for the humble bun is going nowhere, with Brits set to consume over 336 million this Easter.  

According to Aldi’s research, Brits are most likely to tuck into a hot cross bun at 12.12pm each day and prefer it to be toasted for an average of 53 seconds. Aldi’s research included a unique ‘Toastometer’ selection process, which led to the findings – and even uncovered that 1 in 10 of us prefer a hot cross bun to be burnt.

(Credit: Aldi’s Hot Cross Bun Toastometer)

The average Brit will eat at least five hot cross buns this year, with 1 in 7 of us consuming more than 10. Those surveyed enjoyed eating the beloved buns in a staggering 23 different ways, with favourite toppings including brandy butter, lemon curd and even cheese and jam together.

While tradition still reigns supreme, as 45% of those surveyed preferred a classic hot cross bun toasted and topped with butter, Brits did reveal a selection of weird and bun-derful topping choices that are rising in popularity.

The UK’s top 10 hot cross bun toppings include:

  1. Hot Cross Bun toasted with butter
  2. Hot Cross Bun un-toasted with butter
  3. Hot Cross Bun with jam
  4. Hot Cross Bun un-toasted without butter
  5. Hot Cross Bun with chocolate spread
  6. Hot Cross Bun with soft cheese
  7. Hot Cross Bun with lemon curd
  8. Hot Cross Bun with vegan butter
  9. Hot Cross Bun with brandy butter
  10. Hot Cross Bun with cheese and jam 

The research comes as Aldi launched its biggest range of hot cross buns to date, with innovative new flavours such as Banoffee, Nutoka, Caramelised Biscuit and Raspberry and White Chocolate – which are all reduced to just 99p from now. What’s more, Aldi’s Hot Cross Bun range starts from as little as 16p per bun.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, says: “We’ve always known that hot cross buns are hugely popular in UK households, so it’s great to see this seasonal staple continue to retain its title as a British delicacy.

“While it’s apparent that classic rules, with most opting for a traditional hot cross bun with butter, it’s great to see that Brits are keen to get creative with different toppings and flavours. Each year, we strive to bring out a broader range of delicious flavours, to appeal to all, whilst still maintaining the low prices and high quality of our classic hot cross bun range.”

Aldi’s Hot Cross Bun range is available in stores and online via Click and Collect now.

Notes to editors:  

*Mortar Research polled 3,283 Easter egg eating Brits between 15th-19th February 2024 as part of Aldi’s Easter Egg research.

All participants were based in the UK.

Research methodology was in line with MRS and GDPR guidelines. 

Mortar Research is a member of the British Polling Council.



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