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With temperatures in the UK continuing to rise, shoppers are craving the sweet, ice-cold refreshment of their favourite ice cream more than ever this month, with a nearly 60% of all ice-cream purchases made during the school summer holidaysi.  

Those looking to get their favourite ice cream flavours can look no further than Aldi, with delicious alternatives to popular brands including Ben & Jerrys, Magnum and Carte D’or for up to 61% less! 

See five of Aldi’s best summer savings to scoop up below… 

Gianni’s Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream (£2.05, 500ml) is packed with all the goodies of premium brand Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie at a fraction of the price. Made of delicious chocolate ice cream, filled with chunky brownie bits, this is a no-brainer for all ice cream lovers. 

Gianni’s Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream 
£2.05, 500ml 
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Tub 
£5, 465ml 
Saving with Aldi (based on 465ml): £3.05 (61%) 

Gianni’s Milk Chocolate Ice Creams (£1.49, 4 pack) are a must-have in the sun and come in at a whopping 54% cheaper than Magnum, with a saving of 44p per ice cream! 

Gianni’s Milk Chocolate Ice Creams 
£1.49, 4x100ml 
Magnum 4 Classic Ice Creams 
£3.25, 4x100ml 
Saving with Aldi: £1.76 (54%) 

Aldi shoppers have already made the claim that the Gianni’s Caramelised Biscuit Chocsticks (£2.25, 3pk) is superior to the popular Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream, with the same delicious caramelised biscuit flavour, for exactly half the price.  

Gianni’s Caramelised Biscuit Chocsticks 
£2.25, 3x90ml 
Lotus Biscoff Cce Cream 
£4.50, 3x90ml 
Savings with Aldi: £2.25 (50%) 

There’s nothing better on a hot day than a fruity ice lolly, and Gianni’s Tropico Exotic Fruit Lollies (£1.19, 3 pack) will satisfy any cravings with sweet, tropical flavours of pineapple and passionfruit that rival the popular Solero for almost half the price. 

Gianni’s Tropico Exotic Lollies 
£1.19, 3x100ml 
Solero Exotic Lollies 
£2.50, 3x90ml 
Saving with Aldi: £1.58 (57%) 

Mixed with crunchy popping candy bits, Dairyfine Honeycomb Crunch Ice Creams (£1.99, 3 pack) are a fun-filled dessert available at an unbeatable 27% less than the branded Crunchie alternative. 

Dairyfine Honeycomb Crunch Ice Creams  
£1.99, 3x100ml 
Cadbury Crunchie Blast Ice Creams 
£3.50, 4x100ml 
Saving with Aldi (based on three ice creams): £0.64 (27%) 

Gianni’s Strawberry & Vanilla Blitz (£1.15, 6x58ml) offer cool refreshment with flavours of sweet strawberry and smooth vanilla and rich chocolate for 54% less than the popular ice lolly brand Fab.

Gianni’s Strawberry & Vanilla Blitz 
£1.15, 6x58ml 
Nestle Fab 6 Strawberry Ice Lollies 
£2.50, 6x58ml 
Savings with Aldi: £1.35 (54%) 

Aldi’s range of delicious ice cream dupes is available in store and via Click & Collect now. 


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