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  • Emma beat hundreds of applicants for her dream job after more than 1.7K entries poured in
  • Judges were impressed with her enthusiastic entry in which she claimed that “beer is one of the most exciting tastes”
  • The unique job will require Emma to sample an extensive list of Aldi’s latest beers, lagers and ales while helping guide bosses on key decision-making for its new range

Emma Budd, aged 27 from Milton Keynes, has beaten hundreds of applicants to land the role of Aldi’s Official Beer Taster.

The appointment follows a nationwide hunt which asked hopeful beer fans to explain why they should be chosen for the role – as well as outlining what their favourite beer is and why.

In her entry, Emma, who is a Service Manager for the NHS, explained she ‘loves beer’ and has tried locally brewed tipples in 51 countries including Antigua, Mykonos, and St Lucia. Additionally, she is always on the hunt for new and exciting products.  Judges found the entry to be “enthusiastic” and “passionate” with Emma displaying “the ideal attributes” in her application.

Aldi Beer Taster Winner

Aldi’s newly assigned beer taster received a selection of ten different products from its beer range in exchange for feedback.

This year the new line-up includes a versatile selection, from the smooth Hop Foundry Helles Lager, which Emma described as “floral” and “fruity”, to the fiery Hop Foundry Ginger Beer, which was called out for its “spicy” and “aromatic” finish.

Pint-loving Emma’s all-important reviews will help guide and inform Aldi bosses ahead of key decision making for the supermarket’s next range.

Emma said: “I still feel a little shocked. It’s exciting to be part of something I really enjoy and have a passion for. I have a lot of experience in tasting beer due to travelling around the world whilst working on a cruise ship; searching out local products was one on my favourite things to do.

“I hope my breadth of knowledge and taste buds can help guide next year’s range. My friends and family are thrilled for me, and I feel so lucky to be given this opportunity.”

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, says: “We are always striving to make Aldi’s beer selection bigger and better each year, but ultimately, it’s the opinion of our customers we value most.

“That’s why we’re excited to have Emma as our Official Beer Taster, to share her insights on the new range which will help guide next year’s selection. I’m sure our buying team will find Emma’s review very helpful for new range development.”

Aldi Beer Taster Winner

Aldi’s latest Beer Festival Range is available in stores now:

The Hop Foundry Helles Lager (£1.69, 440ml)

“A full-bodied refreshing pale lager, with floral aromas that meet a fruity sweet but strong taste. The packaging is very inviting and would be perfect for Oktoberfest celebrations.”

The Hop Foundry Dunkel Lager (£1.69, 440ml)

“Dark in colour with a red hint, this full of flavour lager offers a combination of chocolate orange and smoky, spiced notes for a peppery finish. Another great option for Oktoberfest!”

The Hop Foundry Tropicale (£1.69, 440ml)

“Boasting tropical and citrusy notes, the beer is both crisp and sharp, giving a refreshing long aftertaste.”

The Hop Foundry Tropical Ale (£1.69, 440ml)

“Dark with a frothy finish, this ale offers tropical malt notes for an intense aroma.”

Goose on the Loose (£1.49, 330ml)

Fruity, refreshing and easy to drink, the beer is packed with fruity peach flavours for a smooth drink. What’s more, the can is very eye-catching!”

The Hop Foundry Lager Top (£1.19, 330ml)

“A nice golden colour, this tipple boasts faint lime notes for a thirst quenching and crisp finish.”

The Hop Foundry Beer Shandy (£1.19, 330ml)

“Boasting hoppy and lemon notes, the tropical aftertaste offers a delicious surprise – very refreshing.”

The Hop Foundry Ginger Beer (£1.19, 330ml)

“Reminiscent of ginger biscuits, this spiced beer is sweet with an aromatic but tropical finish.”

Vanilla Stout/Double IPA (£1.69, 440ml)

“As dark as the night with notes of coffee cream and sweet vanilla. A creamy but sharp IPA!”

Specially Selected Yorkshire Bitter (500ml)

“Looks like lager with an amber tinge. Full bodied and offering mild hoppy notes, this bitter is subtle with a crisp, malt aftertaste.”

Specially Selected Dorset IPA (£1.49, 500ml)

“Clear and amber in colour, the IPA has hoppy and fruity notes with citrusy after tones.”

Specially Selected Suffolk Blonde Ale (£1.49, 500ml)

“Offering sweet caramel aromas with classic malt and hoppy flavours, this ale is deliciously refined.”

Specially Selected London Porter (£1.49, 500ml)

“Boasting smoky and festive chocolate coffee notes, this delicious beer is reminiscent of Christmas!”

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