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  • Aldi stocks fresh British strawberries from Thursday 18th February
  • Huge logistical effort from suppliers helped get the fruit to store as shoppers are eager to start Summer early
  • The supermarket will invest an additional £3.5bn a year by 2025 with British suppliers
A bright red strawberries growing on the vine…

February is about to become Febru-berry as Aldi stocks first British strawberries in 2021.

The supermarket and its suppliers pulled off a huge logistical effort to get the fruit in store from Thursday 18th February.

British Strawberries aren’t traditionally available until closer to the official start of summertime (20th June), but this February is the third year Aldi has stocked the first of the iconic British fruit on shelves.

Strawberry season continues to begin earlier due to innovation in growing conditions and warmer climates.

One grower responsible for helping to get this quintessential British favourite on shelf and has worked with Aldi for over 7 years is John Lloyd, whose farm is in the Vale of Glamorgan.  John says: “There’s always a buzz around when the first British strawberries will be picked and using advancements in growing techniques, we’re able to become one of the first to harvest our fruit.

“We’re really proud of these strawberries, they’re a great example of fine British produce, and we’re delighted  to get them to fruit lovers as early as possible.”

The first shoppers to enjoy the punnets will be in Hereford, as the Eign Street store is the first to receive them on Thursday 18th February, having only been picked a day earlier – as fresh as can be! More punnets will then be delivered into stores across the UK.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, says: ‘‘We’re increasing the amount of food and drink we buy from British suppliers by £3.5bn a year, which will create even more opportunities for British food and drink producers.

“Working so closely with these wonderful British growers lets us bring our customers the freshest, British produce and respond quickly to what they want.

“This year, people are looking to start Summer early and make the most of what it offers, and we’re very happy to help”.

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