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  • Supermarket predicts sales of ice cream to double during a week of hotter temperatures
  • Over 12 million ice creams and lollies expected to fly off shelves
  • Shoppers can save up to 64% on ice creams vs premium brands

With the weather expected to hit almost 30°C this week, Brits can finally wave goodbye to June-uary and enjoy some much-needed sun.

As the nation will be looking for ice cold treats in the heat, Aldi expects sales to increase by a cool 100%. What’s more, the supermarket is predicting to sell over 12 million ice creams and lollies in a record-breaking week.

Shoppers will be screaming for Aldi’s range of ice creams and lollies that rival high street brands for a fraction of the price including Gianni’s Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream (£2.19, 500ml) which is £3 less than Ben & Jerry’s.

For those who prefer a classic cornetto, try Gianni’s Strawberry & Vanilla Ice Cream Cones (£1.25, 4x110ml). Strawberry and vanilla flavoured ice creams served in a biscuit and chocolate cone, rippled and topped with strawberry sauce and meringue pieces —all for 58% less than Cornetto.

Lolly lovers can also pick up the incredibly refreshing passionfruit and pineapple combo —Gianni’s Tropico Exotic Fruit Lollies (£1.35, 3x100ml) — at a whopping 55% less than Solero’s Exotic Cream Lollies.

If that wasn’t enough, Aldi recently released a selection of NEW frozen goodies to their ice-cream range including the Gianni’s Family favourites (£2.99, 12 pack) with a great selection of refreshing lollies such as Fruit Tower (£1.39, 3x70ml), Push-Up (£1.69, 6x80ml), Rainbow (£1.29, 4x65ml), and Watermelon (£1.39, 3x73ml). Also new in stores are the Gianni’s Double Caramel Ice Creams (£2.49, 3 pack) boasting rich caramel sauce covered by a tasty milk chocolate shell.

Equally delicious and brand new to stores are the Gianni’s Rocket Lollies (£1.69, 10 pack). Perfectly fruity with a sour twist, they provide the perfect refreshment on a hot day with a combination of apple, cherry and raspberry.

Aldi’s range of ice creams and ice lollies can be found in store and online via Click & Collect now.


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