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From backyard barbeques to alfresco picnics, the summer months offer endless occasions for a tipple or two with friends and family. But when temperatures soar, there’s no denying that many of us have experienced a warm bevvy in the sunshine.

Luckily, Aldi has teamed up with TV mixologist and spirits expert, Pritesh Mody, in sharing top tips and tricks on how to keep drinks cool in the heat, so shoppers can celebrate summer in style – and without a warm cocktail in hand.

Pritesh Mody, a regular on Channel’s 4 Sunday Brunch, says: “Summertime is great for drinking occasions, but the heat can sometimes hinder the quality and flavour of our favourite beverages. These simple but effective tips are perfect for keeping tipples chilled and impressing friends and families. Now we can really raise a glass to summer!”

Pritesh’s top tips:

  • Pre-batch cocktails and keep them fridge cold so they’re ready to go whenever! Any drink with a juicy element, such as Punches or Margaritas can be made and kept refrigerated for 24 hours.  Fully alcoholic drinks, such as Negronis and Old Fashioned cocktails, can be refrigerated indefinitely. 
  • Use frozen berries, grapes or orange segments alongside ice to keep drinks chilled. As an added bonus, they’ll also release more flavour over time.
  • Chill bottles faster by wrapping them in a wet tissue and putting them in a freezer.
  • A cold cocktail is a better cocktail, so go for bigger ice cubes where possible. Or if you have normal sized ice – put more in. It might sound obvious that it keeps it cooler for longer, but contrary to popular opinion, it will actually stop your drink from diluting so quickly too. That’s because the ice cubes keep one another chilled. So, fill your glass right to the top for a chilled not watery refreshment.  
  • Go Sgroppino! A classic Italian summer drink that comprises of prosecco with a touch of vodka and sorbet for a refreshing and super-chilled cocktail. Aldi’s Specially Selected Prosecco Superiore (£7.99, 75cl) is the perfect option for this concoction; notes of autumn fruits and floral flavours offer a refreshing finish that blends perfectly with a sorbet.
  • Give a G&T slushy a go – mix 50ml of gin with a squeeze of grapefruit juice, then blend with a full cup of ice and pour into a tumbler style glass topped with tonic. Give a gentle stir and garnish with a grapefruit wheel.
  • For something fun, try a sparkling frosé (frozen rosé).  Bubbles take a lot longer to pop when chilled down to just above freezing, creating an ultra-refreshing cocktail sensation.
  • Why not go low and no? Make an easy refreshing alcohol-free iced tea. Brew a mug of Earl Grey Tea and allow to cool, then shake 50ml tea and 50ml alcohol free gin with 25ml marmalade and 10ml lemon juice.  Pour into an ice filled glass and top with soda. 
  • Awarded a Gold at the Spirit Business No & Low Masters, sweet and spicy notes of the Haysmith’s 0% Rhubarb & Ginger Gin (£8.99, 70cl) blend perfectly with the floral tea flavours for an easy to drink lunchtime tipple.

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