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March 2020: As the fervour for organic wine continues, with sales rising by 47% in 2019, shoppers can take a walk on the wild side of the vineyard with Aldi’s first unfiltered wine, the organic Forza Delle Natura Unfiltered Sicilian Catarratto (£4.99, 75cl).[1]

This delicious white wine is an exciting first for the retailer as it continues to expand its organic wine range. While saving a pretty penne too, this Catarratto is a fantastic choice for both seasoned organic wine drinkers and those wishing to embrace the natural and try something new.
The Forza Delle Natura is a fresh organic white wine made with the hand-picked Sicilian Catarratto grape, renowned as an antique Italian grape variety. Available online and in stores now, this particular natural wine packs a punchy nose of crisp apple aromas. Crunchy green apple and a dash of lime lead on the palate which is rich in texture and a lemon drizzle cake finish.
To break down the trend even further, Aldi’s Mistress of Wine, Sam Caporn MW, explains the benefits of unfiltered wine and why this tipple is one to try:
“Within the natural organic wine space, more winemakers are choosing to experiment further with filtration as techniques have advanced. Unfiltered wines are bursting with personality as by skipping the step of filtration they retain their full body and character, often displaying stronger fruit aromas and a richer colour, which some winemakers fear can be stripped during the filtration and fining process.
Unfiltered wines have also been characterised as having an especially appealing texture and mouthfeel. Often unfiltered wines are synonymous with more premium wine labels, so to see an organic unfiltered wine for such good value is an exciting step in encouraging more shoppers to be adventurous in the wine aisle.”

For those eager to embrace the natural further, shoppers can try Aldi’s delicious organic wine range including as the Toro Loco Organic (£4.99) and the Organic Prosecco (£7.99), comforted by the knowledge they have made a more sustainable choice, without breaking the bank.
To find out more about Aldi’s delectable range of organic wines, Aldi’s very own Aldiploma, the ultimate free resource for wine buffs, delves deeper into the world of organic wines in Module 6. 
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Toro Loco Organic (£4.99, 75cl)
Available in stores and online now
Toro Loco Organic Red is an earthy wine that’s bursting with life. A firm favourite amongst Aldi shoppers, this wine has seen a 10% increase in sales over 2019, proving just how special it is.[2] Fresh and juicy, this award-winning organically certified bottle is a perfect partner to pasta and burgers – and it’s great on its own too!
Organic Prosecco (£7.99, 75cl)
Available in stores and online now
This award-winning eco and vegan friendly Prosecco is sourced from the Corvezzo family’s 150-hectare estate, north of Venice. Grown without pesticides and herbicides, the Prosecco is bursting with fresh pear and green apple flavours, followed by aromas of acacia flowers and honeycomb and will make the perfect organic alternative to your favourite fizz.


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