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Moser Roth Butter Biscuit Truffles Download Image


  • Aldi has launched Biscuit Butter Truffles, which shoppers are raving about
  • Delicious truffle filling hailed on social media as ‘just like Biscoff’ spread
  • Vegan Truffles also join the range for plant-based shoppers

Biscoff lovers rejoice! Aldi’s Christmas chocolate range is on shelves and it includes Moser Roth Biscuit Butter Truffles (£2.49, 140g). The brand-new chocolate truffles are already being compared to Biscoff.

Popular Instagram account @newfoodsuk said: “New Biscuit Butter Truffles (or should we say, Biscoff) These are really good. The centre tastes just like Biscoff!”

Thousands of shoppers liked the post in just a few hours and hundreds responded, with one shopper saying: “OMG NEED”. Another said: “I’ll have this as my advent calendar”. While another shopper said to their friend: “Now I know why you go to Aldi, it’s for these isn’t it?”

These cocoa coated melt-in-your-mouth truffles are also available in Salted Caramel and Orange flavours, for the ultimate festive tasting experience this Christmas. Biscoff lovers can also enjoy Aldi’s popular Belmont Biscuit Spread (£1.79, 400g), available in both crunchy and smooth. 

Plant-based shoppers needn’t miss out this festive season, as Aldi has a choc-tastically indulgent range of Moser Roth Vegan Truffles (£3.99, 144g). Also available in Salted Caramel and Orange flavours, these little drops of delight are coated in a lusciously fine cocoa powder dust and so creamy, you wouldn’t believe they are dairy free!

Aldi’s Moser Roth Biscuit Butter and Vegan Truffles are available in stores now.


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