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  • The range includes Aldi’s first-ever Tequila, a Provence Rosé Gin, and a supermarket first – Piña Colada in a box
  • The line-up also introduces The Infusionist Churro Gin Liqueur and a selection of fruity Cassario Rums

With a quarter of Brits (25%) planning to book staycations this summer[1],  Aldi is launching a brand-new selection of 16 delicious spirits that will give shoppers a taste of abroad right from their back garden! Landing in stores and online from the 8th August, this range is sure to let shopper’s spirits fly!

¡Hola! Aldi’s first-ever Tequila will get the summer fiestas started. Boasting fruity and herbal notes, Aldi’s El Toro Tequila (70cl, £16.99) is ideal in a margarita or neat with a slice of lime, transporting shoppers to the ultimate Mexican beachside paradise (to be taken with a pinch of salt, of course). 

Tropic like it’s hot! Shoppers who fancy heading to Puerto Rico for a tropical dream, the Old Hopking Bag in Box Piña Colada Cocktail (2.25L, £9.99) gives exotic notes of pineapple, coconut and cream. What’s more, it’s the first Piña Colada in a box from any UK supermarket!

Those looking for an ultimate Cuban-style cocktail party can pick up the Old Hopking Bag in Box Strawberry Daiquiri (2.25L, £9.99), boasting berry delicious notes of fresh strawberry and lime. 

Those looking to transport taste buds to Spain can say Olé with the Infusionist Churro Gin Liqueur (50cl, £8.99), marrying chocolate and cinnamon notes for a crowd-pleasing sweet sensación!

Off oui go to the South of France as the brand new limited-edition

La Fleuriste Provencal Rosé Gin (70cl, £15.99)

is set to leave shoppers blushing, boasting floral, herbal and citrus notes for the ultimate taste of the French Riveria. What’s more, Aldi shoppers can save over 54% compared to popular Mirabeau Rosé Gin – oh la la.

Not forgetting the wonders of the UK, Grow with Aldi competition winner Penrhos Hibiscus Botanical Gin (70cl, £17.99) is a magical mix of the finest botanicals, hibiscus and blueberries, picked right from the Penrhos fields. Keeping on the botanical feel, Haysmith’s Botanical Garden London Dry Gin (70cl, £14.99) boast fresh botanical and citrus notes of orange and lime for a tantalising taste of the British countryside.

Spice up your life – Cassario Vanilla Spiced Rum (35cl, £7.49) joins the line-up that is set to slam it to the left and shake it to the right! This caramel brown rum is packed with notes of warming spice and citrus followed by creamy vanilla flavours. Rich in flavour, this spirit is ideal for those looking to relax in a calmer setting. Hai Si Ja! Hold tight!

Make every day mangonificent! Cassario Mango Rum (35cl, £7.49) has a vivid orange appearance, which offers tropical notes of mango followed by zesty citrus. Fruity and flavoursome, it is perfect with a lemonade mixer or in a cocktail.

Put the lime in the coconut– Cassario Coconut & Lime Rum (35cl, £7.49) is a delicious rum that is infused with sweet and creamy flavours followed by zesty lime. Ideal in a cocktail or with a mixer, this tipple will give shoppers that island feeling.

Vibrant and tangy, Cassario Passionfruit Punch Rum (35cl, £7.49) boasts notes of sweet, tropical fruits and citrus, with a slight hint of spice. Perfectly served neat or in a Pornstar Martini for the long summer nights (summer loving might have you a blast)

We be jammin’ Infusionist Raspberry Jam Donut Liqueur (50cl, £8.99) contains all the wonderful yumminess of the popular snack with a fun boozy twist. Its sweet raspberry flavours are followed by smooth vanilla notes, making this tipple ideal for Summer sipping.

Sub-lime Iskall Lime Vodka (70cl, £12.99), is smooth, rich and with refreshing distinct notes of freshly pressed lime, this new flavoured vodka has a slightly sweet and fruity finish. All that is left to do is add ice and lemonade and shoppers have themselves the ultimate vodka mix to celebrate the warm weather.

Lime feeling good when it comes to Haysmith’s Cucumber & Lime Gin (70cl, £14.99). This cool and collected summer gin offers fresh, Summer garden flavours with a citrus bite – ideal for toasting to the long Summer evenings. Just serve in a tall glass with tonic, a wedge of lemon and ice!

With the holiday season well and truly in full swing, head to Aldi stores or online from 8th August to grab a bottle!

[1] Sourced 22.07:

[1] Sourced 22.07:

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